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Chapter 303 – Girl and days without the educator – Part three

“Thank you for coming.”

“Thank you for giving us the honor that is your visit, my lord Doanea!!”

The reception we get is different from the last time we were here.

I guess part of it is because Doanea is here.

I feel like the distance between us and the winged people

has shrunk because of Doanea too.

It’s been less than a year, so it feels strange to see something change the relationship between people so easily.

We’re going to rest here, and then keep walking towards Mister Douroean.

The path from here to where he lives is pretty rugged.

“Ahh… This place is incredible.

And I made it all the way up here.”

Says Shinomi while sitting down, looking tired.

She has the stamina of a beast person, but it’s still tiring to climb a mountain when you’re not used to it.

“Nice going Shinomi.”

I give her something to drink, and she takes it with a smile on her face.

Shinomi doesn’t get up, and instead just looks around.

This village still feels strange to me, and I’ve been here before.

Is what I’m seeing going to become just normal to me after I come here a few more times

Doanea is still on my back, and the winged people seem like they’re having fun crowding around us.

They seem a lot calmer when Mister Douroean or Doanea aren’t involved.

Those two really are very special to them.

They spread their big wings when they fly.

It looks nice.

Ah, I want to fly with them.

Maybe we’d get a bit closer if we flew together.

So I say I want to fly too, and use magic to form the wings I perfected before.

Flying in the village where I live and flying in a place that’s so high feels different.

It’s like the air resistance is different.

I can’t fly very well, so Mister Villa and a winged lady named Muselan stay by my side and help me.

“Magic wings are strange, but generally speaking, they are wings like ours.

You have to think about the air resistance as you spread them.”


Let’s spread our wings wider and go higher.

If you can get the feel of flying higher, I’m sure you will be able to fly here.”

They say while helping me go higher.

I’ve never been this high up, so I’m nervous about falling.

I’m way higher than their village.

The air feels thin.

I create wind to help me breathe, and it makes it a little easier.

We keep going higher, and I touch the clouds.

I thought they’d be solid, but when I touch them my hand goes right through.

I can kind of see Mister Douroean from here, since we’re so high up.

His place is even higher than where we are staying, but I can see him from up here.

I can feel something like magic energy coming from his gaze.

He probably notices me flying.

After a while, we go back down to the village.

“I was a bit scared of being so high up.”

“You will fly even higher when you get used to it.”

Says Mister Villa, and others also talk to me after seeing me fly with my wings.

The winged people never used to come talk to me like this, so it makes me happy.

Doing the same thing they do and talking like this makes me feel like we’re getting along.

The first time I saw them was when they attacked Phyto’s village, and back then I didn’t know if we would ever get along.

Now they’re like nice neighbors.

“That’s great, Lerunda.

How does it feel to fly”

“It feels good.

It feels different being up there.”

“I see… I think a lot about the sky, maybe because I can’t fly.”

Says Shinomi while smiling.

“Then let’s fly together when we can.

It doesn’t matter how.”

“Yes, that sounds fun.

I can’t wait.”

She smiles even more after I say this.

Oh, and after seeing me flying, Doanea wants to fly too.

…But Doanea is still too small to fly like that.

I keep telling Doanea they have to wait until they’re a bit bigger.

But Doanea keeps insisting, so they end up flying on Reimar’s back.

It looks like Doanea is having fun flying with Reimar.

Doanea almost falls at some point, but Reimar doesn’t let that happen.

This is how we spend our time here in the winged people’s village.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part three

(The miko has fun in the winged people’s village.)


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