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Chapter 30 – Girl and an omen part two

I’m a little surprised to hear we have visitors from outside the village, and a little curious to see who it is.

Everyone is talking about it.

Gaius is standing in front of me.

“Gaius, I want, to go see.”

“Stay here for a while.”


“They say the people that came here are beast people from another village.

The atmosphere there is scary, and I don’t think they like humans very much…”

“I, see…”

“That’s why they also told miss Lan not to come out.

My father says he wants to hear why they’re here first.”

“Is it rare, for people to come”

“We do interact, but they only come during the periods we agreed on, so it’s rare for people to come at this time.

There was something odd about them too, I think something happened.”

I try to sort in my head what Gaius is saying.

This is a village of wolf beast people.

They do interact with other beast people, but only during certain periods, and it’s rare for anyone to come at this time.

Also, there is something odd about them.

They probably don’t have a good impression of humans, so mister Athos probably wants to hear what they have to say before deciding if they should see me.

Still, beast people from another village… I wonder if they are also wolves.

“Are they, wolves too”

“No, they are from a village of cat beast people.

It’s the nearest beast people village, but it’s still pretty far.”


Do they have cat ears and tails I’m a little excited to find out.

“Lerunda… You sure like ears and tails don’t you”


Humans don’t, have them, and they’re, nice and fluffy.”

Humans don’t have fluffy ears and tails, but I think they’re nice.

But the first time I touched them, I was told that touching them has a special meaning, so I’ve been doing my best to only look.

“Are there, other than cats”

“I think so, but there aren’t any more villages nearby, so I’ve only seen cat beast people.

I think my dad has met all sorts of beast people though.”

In the village where I was born, I only saw humans, but I wonder what kinds of beast people there are.

Still, Gaius says there is something odd about them, so I wonder what happened.

Honestly, I have no idea what sort of thing would lead to beast people from another village coming here anyway.

I wonder what mister Athos is talking about right now.

“What’s wrong Lerunda”

“I was, thinking.”

Gaius asks me, because I’m silent.

Yes, I’m thinking.

“About the people that came here”


“Are you worried about something”

“A little.”

I’m starting to think that maybe something will change.

In the village where I was raised, my life changed when the priests came.

The priests said the miko was there, and my parents decided my sister was the miko and abandoned me.

Meetings come with change.

Someone coming, meeting someone, it all leads to change.

After all, my peaceful life also began when I met Scifo and the gryphons.

After I started living with the gryphons, I met mister Athos and Gaius and started living here in the beast people’s village.

I think about how someone coming and meeting someone leads to change, and about all I’ve experienced since being abandoned.

…Is something going to change again

For better or worse, something is coming, and it makes me feel a little anxious.

I mean, I’ve never even imagined that my days could be so much fun and warm, and that I could be so happy.

I’m surrounded by people I like a lot and my life is fun, and I don’t want that to change.

I’m a little anxious as I think about these things.

“Is something, going to change”

“I don’t think so.”


“I mean, even if it does, you don’t need to worry! If anything is troubling you, I’m here to help!”

“Yes, thank you.”

I’m happy.

I have my worries, but if Gaius says it’s alright, I think it will be alright.

I’m a little more optimistic now.

Even if something does change, the people I like so much will still be with me, so it will be alright.

I feel very warm feelings in my chest.

“I wonder, what happened to the cat people.”

“Me too.

I just hope it’s not something bad.”

“I don’t want, anything sad.”

“Me neither.

I hope it’s something we can all smile about.”


Gaius and I both hope it’s not something sad.

I like smiling faces a lot more than sad ones.

“If it is, something sad…”

I say exactly what I am thinking.

“I want them, to smile.”

“You want to turn sad faces into smiling ones I see, that’s good.

If their faces are gloomy, it would be nice if they could smile instead.”


I’m worried, but I also think that if the cat beast people are sad, it will be nice if we can make them smile.

—Girl and an omen part two

(The girl that is probably the miko talks with the boy about the people coming from outside the village.)


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