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Chapter 29 – Girl and an omen part one

I open my eyes, and see a familiar ceiling.

I’m completely used to life here in the beast people’s village.

The first thing I do after I wake up is go to the well to wash my face, and for breakfast, I eat something made with wheat flour and fruit I picked in the forest yesterday.

I don’t need to eat a lot in the morning, probably because I didn’t have a habit of eating breakfast back in the village where I was born.

When I first got here, Gaius told me I should have a good breakfast, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

Today I’m eating alone, but sometimes Gaius and other villagers come bring me food, and eating with them is fun.

Before I came here, I never knew how much fun it is to eat the same things as other people and laugh along with them.


(Good morning Lerunda.)”

“Gurugurugu! (Morning!)”

I finish my breakfast and get changed, and when I go outside I’m greeted by Rema and Ruma.

“Good, morning.”

The two little gryphons energetically say good morning, and I say it back.

I’m going with them to the square in the middle of town.

It’s still very early, so there aren’t many people around, but I’m here to practice physical strengthening magic.

I have magic energy, so I should be able to use it like mister Dongu taught me, but it’s pretty difficult.

When I healed wounds I was sort of in a trance, but using my magic energy because I’m actually trying to is hard.

Magic energy… The embodiment of the power that is apparently inside of me.

Now I can somewhat feel it inside of me.

If I focus, I can kind of sense something there.

When I saw mister Dongu use physical strengthening magic it was incredible, he ran super fast and jumped really high.

Beast people’s physical abilities are better than human’s anyway, but it was even better than that.

Gaius doesn’t know if he has magic energy, but he says he wants to use physical strengthening magic too, even if he still can’t feel magic energy.


As I groan, I can feel the warm magic energy inside my body.

I can tell something is here, but I don’t know how to turn this magic energy into physical strengthening magic.

Mister Dongu says he doesn’t really have to do anything to use it, and just uses it, so he doesn’t know how to explain it.

It occurred to me that since miss Lan came from the capital, maybe she could use magic, but apparently she can’t.

I move this warm magic energy carefully, and focus it in my hand.

“Good morning Lerunda!!”

Gaius suddenly talks to me, and it breaks my concentration.


“Hn What is it”

“I was, practicing magic, and broke my concentration.”

“Really! Sorry, I just thought you were standing here.”

Gaius looks sad and apologizes, but I guess it’s true that unless I say what I’m doing, it just looks like I’m standing still.

“It’s fine.

I know, it wasn’t on purpose.”

As I say this, his sad face changes and his ears move.

“Are you practicing physical strengthening magic”


I don’t really know, anything else.”

“Can you feel magic energy What does it feel like”

“Hn, kind of, warm.”

“Warm… I want to try physical strengthening magic too, but I don’t understand magic energy in the first place.”

Says a disappointed Gaius.

“Guruguruguruu (Are you sad Gaius)”


(I don’t know about magic energy either.)”

Rema and Ruma chirp next to Gaius to console him.

Gaius can’t understand them, but as he sees them chirping around him he says ‘are you trying to make me feel better’ and pets them.

Magic energy.

Can I pass this magic energy I feel in my chest to Gaius Gaius really wants to know how it feels, so I want to pass it to him, even if it’s just a little.

I grab his hand with both hands.


Gaius, confused, looks at me and says my name.

“Magic energy.”

That’s all I say, and try my hardest to make the magic energy I feel deep inside my body move to my hands.

As I think about doing this for Gaius, the energy moves a lot easier than when I was practicing before.

The magic energy concentrates in my hands.

“Can you, tell”

“It feels kind of warm… Did you concentrate magic energy in your hands”

“Yes, this is, magic energy.”

“So this is magic energy…”


It’s a lot easier to gather magic energy when it’s for Gaius’s sake.

As I concentrate magic energy in my hands, I think about touching Gaius’s body like this more and helping him feel magic energy, when we have the time.

Gaius says he really can’t feel magic energy inside him, but if he does have magic energy, maybe he will be able to feel it if we do this every day.

When I propose this, he says he wants to feel magic energy too, and accepts.

We start doing this when we can, and eventually I start using physical strengthening magic.

Gaius says he feels something in his body too, and I think it’s probably magic energy.

Miss Lan started living here, and I learned how to use physical strengthening magic, so things have been changing a little, but my days in the village have been as peaceful as ever.

But one day, I hear that we have visitors from outside.

—Girl and an omen part one

(The girl that is probably the miko notices a few changes, but continues living in peace in the beast people’s village.)


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