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Chapter 275 – Girl and people returning – Part one

I’m praying this morning, like I usually do.

Praying for the people that went out to explore to be safe.

Mister Ilma, Mister Villa, and Phyto and her people have been decorating what they call Lerunda’s altar little by little.

I think it’s kind of weird because I’m the only one who uses this place, but it looks like they’re having fun making it look nicer, so I don’t want to stop them.

Miss Lan says I could ask them to make it look how I want.

It’s not just my altar either.

The others are also being decorated little by little.

It feels like they’re slowly changing.

The people that went out to explore still haven’t come back.

It’s been a while, so I wonder where they are.

Are they all right I get a bit worried when I think about them.

I wonder what they can find out there.

What new discoveries will they make

Change can be kind of scary, but fun too, and I’m sure we can all get through any changes that come.

“Pikiii, iii.

(Lerunda, I pray to no god.)”



Pikii, iii! (Yes.

I am a god of sorts, so I believe in myself!)”

“I see.”

I guess some beings don’t pray to any god.

Why do we pray Hmm… I don’t understand this sort of complicated thing.

I pray to the god that’s influencing me because the power I’m given helps a lot.

Do beast people and elves pray to their gods because they’re fascinated by that sort of power

I guess Doanea doesn’t pray to anyone because they have absolute confidence in their own power.

But still, Doanea has Mister Douroean’s memories, but they’re still a newborn.

Is that why Does Mister Douroean actually pray to someone I have to ask him next time we meet.

“Doanea, you’ve never met Mister Nirushi and the others.

Let’s say hello when they come back.”




I allow that.)”

I pet Doanea’s head, who is talking with a really proud sounding tone.

It’s so cute how Doanea speaks so proudly but likes being pet.

Now that I think about it, do dragons shed their skin I think while touching Doanea’s smooth scales.

“Doanea, do you shed your skin too”


(Of course.)”

Doanea and I talk, and then we start hearing a lot of noise.

We leave the altar.

We were just taking it easy in this corner of the village, but it’s rare to hear a commotion like this in the village.

Did something happen

I don’t have a bad feeling about this, so I don’t think it’s anything bad.

It really helps to get a good or bad feeling when something like this happens.

Suddenly I hear Gaius’ voice.


“What is it, Gaius”

He looks happy.

I can tell right away by the way his ears and tail are moving.

“Mister Nirushi and the others are back!!”


I’m surprised, because we were just talking about them.

If Gaius looks this happy, it means everyone returned safely too.


They just came back.

Let’s go see them.”


This is great.

They’re back.

I’ve been praying all this time for them to come back, but I was feeling worried.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now I want to welcome them back, so I go see them with Gaius, and with Doanea on my back.

The whole village is gathered here, with Mister Nirushi, Wason, and the others in the middle.

They look well, and are smiling at everyone.

“Welcome back!!”

I say loudly as I approach them.

They all hear me and turn my way, and answer by saying they’re back, with a smile on their faces.

—Girl and people returning – Part one

(The people that left to go explore return to the miko’s side.)


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