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Chapter 256 – Prince and uprising – Part three

I am still in the rebel army, trying to make the best out of this situation.

I decided to throw the dice and join the rebels to try to change this country.

I don’t regret my decision, but being here really reminds me of how powerless I actually am.

It makes me think back to when Nina yelled at me too.

She said nothing will change if I don’t do anything.

It’s thanks to her that I got this motivation and drive after being my father’s puppet for so long.

Nina told me someone with as much power as me should be able to do something, but I can’t say I have done anything to meet her expectations.

She would probably be disappointed if she saw me now.

I joined the rebels, but haven’t really accomplished anything.

I decided to do something about my father and my brothers, but I haven’t been able to do a whole lot.

But then, I receive two visits.

The first is from men who have recently joined the rebels.

Much to my surprise, they secretly tell me they are actually Nina’s subordinates.

I tell them to return to Nina right away, as I have no intention of involving her, but they ignore me.

They tell me they are here under Nina’s orders and are working while keeping their allegiance a secret from everyone but me.

They say they will remain loyal to her even if they are discovered and killed.

Everyone has made up their minds, even if they end up falling along with me.

I didn’t want to involve her.

I asked her to forget about me, but apparently that is not what she wants.

“…I wanted her to abandon me.”

I mean what I say, but I cannot help but feel happy that Nina is reaching out to me, even though it’s dangerous.

I feel this way even though, if I really cared about her, I should chase them away even if I have to do so forcibly.

If the situation deteriorates, Nina might find herself in a lot of trouble.

“Princess Ninaev is doing all of this out of her free will because she cares about you.

Prince Hicked, you may think you are dragging her into this, but you are mistaken.

Princess Ninaev is involving herself.”

“Princess Ninaev understands her position, but still chooses not to abandon you.”

Ahh, how foolish.

Extending her hand to someone who is going against the wishes of the king of Migha.

But I am still more foolish for being so happy that Nina sees me as someone who is important to her, and chose to involve herself rather than abandon me.

Ahh, Nina… I can’t let anything bad happen to you, so I will make sure this rebellion is a success.

Even if it does fail, I have to make sure no one discovers that her subordinates are helping me.

As for the second visit…

“Are you Hicked Migha”

Someone approaches me without making a sound, and I can’t help but tense up when I see what this person looks like.

This race is commonly referred to as dragon people.

My brother captured and enslaved one, which is what started this whole rebellion.

Since I am royalty, they probably despise me.

Am I going to lose my life here

…Still, this dragon person must be excellent at covert operations to be able to make it all the way here so easily.

“Don’t be so tense.

You’re just like him, too wary.”

I don’t really understand what this man is saying, but he continues.

“The cat beast person, Dasha, asked me to meet you.

Depending on your answer, I might be able to help you.

Now, what exactly are you trying to do”

I didn’t expect to hear Dasha’s name.

He is a beast person who is trying to make a noble young lady like him so he can use that to free slaves.

He continues to do this even as other beast people ostracize him.

I see he still has not given up.

This fact fills my heart with vigor.

Nina and Dasha.

Nina has been roped into this conflict as my ally, and Dasha is working hard to accomplish his goal.

I used to be completely unable to defy my father, but I have managed to make connections with these two thanks to my actions.


If Dasha sent him here, I figure I should be able to trust him.

I smile and respond.

—Prince and uprising – Part three

(The prince meets people sent by the princess and the cat person to help.)


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