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Chapter 255 – The wishes of the king’s younger brother

“Prince Delaigal, we have caught an assassin, and acquired information through torture.”

“Good work.”

I say to the knight bowing to me.

My name is Delaigal Saff Rezzed, and I am the younger brother of the king of Rezzed.

My job is to assist my dear brother.

The instability brought about by the conflict in the Kingdom of Fairytrof still persists, and has been affecting the Confederation of Saff for a long time.

There is even a group of fools after my brother’s life.

Much like myself, there are many who have decided to protect my brother.

Together we deal with any threat to his well-being.

Our father died after choking while he was eating, so my brother took the throne about a year ago.

Our mother died giving birth to me, so my brother is the only family I have left.

Truth be told, my brother was my closest family member even when our father was alive.

I think our father was not sure how to deal with me, mostly because our mother died giving birth to me.

This contributed to me being mature for my age as a child, and although I am a child of the king, there was always a big distance between us.

My brother on the other hand always treated me the same way.

He saw me only as his younger brother, and always showered me with unconditional affection.

This never changed even when I didn’t behave like a child and learned how to do all sorts of things.

I love him for that, and that’s why I want to follow him.

He keeps saying I’m more suited to be king, but that’s not true.

I’m not as kind as him, and while he keeps complaining, he loves our kingdom and works hard for it.

I don’t have his tolerance, and to be frank, I don’t care about this country as long as I have him.

I work for the sake of this country because I’m following my brother.

I am not the only one who feels this way.

There are many who say the same.

“Ahh, if my brother gave me permission, I would go around sneakily killing everyone giving him trouble…”

“…Prince Delaigal, you are the brother of the king, you know Why are you speaking as though you were an assassin King Shuongalve would never ask for something like this unless the circumstances demanded it.

Also, most people troubling King Shuongalve are kings or those closely related to them, so I doubt even you could easily assassinate them.”

“Yes, but… Removing all these obstacles quickly would make it easier for my brother to unite the confederation.

He says he will not act unless absolutely necessary, but that would stabilize the country.

And I can see him looking cool as the king of the whole united confederation too.”

“…Well, King Shuongalve has been running the country very well despite all of his complaints.

I don’t think that would change.”


He has always been like this.”

“Even after becoming king, he has never indulged in luxury.

Surely that would not change if he united the confederation and became its king.”


That’s my brother.”

My brother hasn’t changed.

Even if his position has, he is still just my older brother.

I want to see him looking cool, and everyone kneeling before his splendor, because my brother is that great.

I think the confederation should unite for this purpose.

Not that it truly matters to me, as long as my brother can continue to shine.

It will be fine as long as people understand how great he is.

“The confederation and the Kingdom of Fairytrof should stabilize, but should both happen to fall and the countries of the confederation were ruined one after the other, it would not matter to me if my brother continued to shine.

Everything is ready, now we just need to see how the situation will develop, and wait for my brother’s authorization.”

“…You really believe King Shuongalve is above everything else.”

“Of course.

I don’t care about anything else.”

Apparently the young king of the Kingdom of Fairytrof is working hard, but he is no match for my brother.

That big country still hasn’t stabilized after he took the throne.

The sparks of this fire reach all the way into Saff.

My brother wishes for them to stabilize, but I predict they won’t do so any time soon.

There is a meeting going on to decide whether there will be war with Fairytrof, and I have no way of knowing what will happen.

But if the confederation does declare war on Fairytrof, I will continue doing what I can for my brother.

What I wish is for my brother to continue shining.

I want everyone to know how amazing he is.

I want him to stay safe and healthy.

It’s all for my older brother.

I go where he goes, and it is my dream to continue supporting him.

—The wishes of the king’s younger brother

(The king’s younger brother wishes for nothing more than to continue working for his sake.)


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