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Chapter 252 – Girl and wings – Part two

I want to carry Miss Lan and fly with her someday.

With that objective in mind, I start flying with the wings made from magic.

It’d be bad if I couldn’t maintain them while I was in the air, so Scifo and Mister Villa are with me.

“Those wings are beautiful.

You truly are a girl accepted by god.”

I get the feeling that Mister Villa has been nicer ever since I learned how to create wings.

His people have always drawn a line between those that can fly and those that can’t.

He looks happy that I get along with Mister Douroean, but also that I can make wings.

I’d be happy if we could get along, but I have to make sure they don’t go too crazy over that egg.

Speaking of the egg, I’ve been sending magic energy into it every day, but there’s still no sign that it’s going to hatch.

But sometimes I feel movement coming from inside it.

I wonder what’s going to come out of it.

Is it going to be a dragon that looks just like Mister Douroean

I can float using the wings, but using the magic I’ve always used to fly and forming the wings at the same time is pretty difficult.

I made these wings to help me fly, but using magic really isn’t easy.

Freinet says I’m compatible with wind magic, so what I’m doing is already good.

Gaius is still training to be able to fly too, and he’s able to float in his wolf form now.

It looks like he’ll be able to run through the sky in his wolf form if he manages to control it well.

Mister Villa was surprised to see Gaius in his wolf form, but he said ‘I have heard legends of wolves that run through the skies.

If that becomes a reality…’.

He sounded kind of excited about the idea.

…Legends of wolves that can run through the sky.

I’ll have to ask him more about it later.

Right now we’re both practicing flying.

Now that I think about it, Gaius and I can fly now, and Reimar has always been able to fly, so can Phyto do something related to the sky too

I’m curious about it, but if I tell her this and it turns out she can’t, she’ll probably be disappointed.

I think we should focus on her support dance for now.

“Can’t you flap your wings”

“I thought something might change if I did… But they’re made of magic energy, so it’s hard.”

Mister Villa has had wings since the day he was born, and they’re part of his body, so he probably doesn’t understand the idea of someone having trouble flapping their wings.

I wonder if this is how I make people around me feel, since I’m the miko.

“Hihi, hiin.

(I don’t have wings, so I don’t understand.)”

“How do you fly, Scifo”

Sky horses and winged people are used to flying on an instinctual level.

Maybe not so much when they’re very young, but flying probably feels very natural for them for as long as they can remember.

Maybe I should learn more about that.

Scifo has been with me ever since I was found and taken in by the gryphons, but there’s still a lot I don’t know.

It’s odd, but learning new things is fun too.

“In any case, you should try flapping your wings while on the ground.

We don’t want you to reach your limit and have your wings disappear.

Let’s try going higher.”

I focus on going a bit higher by kneading magic energy and going up.

It’s hard, but I manage to do it.

I can go up slowly like this thanks to the wings.

Will it feel even better if I can get even higher I keep going up with this idea in mind.

I keep going up, when suddenly my wings vanish.


I say as I start going down quickly.

It scares me, but Scifo and Mister Villa catch me.

“Hihi, hihihiin.

(Lerunda, you have to be careful.)”

“You scared me… Your wings disappeared so suddenly.”

Scifo sounds worried, and Mister Villa sounds relieved.

My heart is pounding.

I was falling really fast.

Even if I can keep going up, I really shouldn’t push the wings I just made so much… I was so happy about flying higher and higher that I completely forgot something so obvious.

“I’m sorry, and thank you, Scifo, and Mister Villa.”

I say while sitting on Scifo’s back.

We go back down to the ground, and Gaius runs over to me, asking if I’m all right.

I made him worry.

I have to be more careful.

After this, I continue training to use my wings better, while being careful not to do anything that will worry people around me.

And after focusing on this for a few days, the egg hatches.

—Girl and wings – Part two

(The miko practices moving her wings.)


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