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Chapter 243 – Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part two

“D-don’t spread it around too much!!”

Miss Shehan is nodding with her face turning red.

It’s cute.

Is everyone like this when they’re in love I don’t really understand those feelings, but I think it’s nice to like someone like this.

“Yes, we won’t.”

“But I’m pretty sure everyone already knows you like him.”


Both Miss Shehan and I react with surprise to what Freinet said.

Everyone knows Really I look at Freinet with a surprised expression, and she laughs.

“I mean, you don’t really seem interested in anyone else besides him, right I didn’t know for sure that you loved him, but at the very least I knew that he’s special to you.

You’re a young woman and he’s a young man, and young people in the village have been gossiping about what kind of relationship you have.”

I’m surprised by what Freinet says.

I thought they get along really well, but I didn’t think about them being in love.

There aren’t that many people in the village, and a lot are already married, so I almost never hear about people getting together.

Then again, we didn’t really have time to think about this sort of thing.

We’ve finally stabilized after coming here and building a village, so I guess we’re going to hear about this sort of thing more often from now on.

That’s kind of exciting.


“Are you all right Miss Shehan”

It sounds like she’s trying to respond to Freinet but the words aren’t coming out.

I ask if she’s all right, but apparently the shock was too much and she can’t answer.

“Just let her have a moment.

She will be fine.”

“I see.”


And just like Freinet says, Miss Shehan recovers her composure after a while.

“Ah, sorry.”

“Don’t worry.

So now we know you like Mister Ilma, but…”

“Ah, hum… I’m interested in Ilma, so I was wondering if we could be together but… He worships you, and… You’re his standard for everything.”

“Ah… Yes, I see…”

Mister Ilma really feels an emotion called faith towards me.

I decided to face that and deal with it, but I’m still not used to the idea that he sees me as a special being above everything else.

I wish he’d stop using me as a standard and make his own decisions.

Maybe I’ll talk to him about this…

I’m glad that he sees me as someone that’s important and dear to him, but being worshiped really feels weird.

“Are you going to tell Mister Ilma how you feel”

“Wha… I can’t do that so soon.”

“Then, good luck.

I’ll, root for you.

I think, he’d be your boyfriend if I told him to do it, but that feels wrong…”


So please don’t tell him anything unless he says he has to ask you because he serves you or something like that…”

Says Miss Shehan while looking directly at me.

I have no reason to say no, so I agree.

I actually want to help, but would I get in the way if I did

I’ve never done anything like helping someone in love.

But I figure I’ll ask anyway.

“I want to help you become a couple.

Can I”


“Of course, hum, I won’t tell him to be your boyfriend.

I’ll be careful.”


It’s comforting knowing you’ll help me.”

“Really Then I’ll try to help, and not get in the way.”

I feel happy, and start smiling.

Getting to help Miss Shehan is nice, but what’s best is that this might make us closer too.

“Hn… Lerunda, is someone here”

“Ah, good morning Miss Lan.”

“Lan, it’s Shehan.

We were talking about how she lo…”

“Hey!! Didn’t I ask not to tell!”

Freinet was about to tell Miss Lan everything right after she woke up, and Miss Shehan’s face is bright red.

If I tell Mister Ilma directly, he’ll be Miss Shehan’s boyfriend even if he doesn’t like her that way, so I have to be careful with what I say as I do my best to help.

—Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part two

(The miko is fired up to help the magic swordsman.)


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