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Chapter 24 – Girl and something found

“Gurugurugururuu! (We made this, so you can have it!)”

“Yuin, you made this”

“Gurugurururururururuuu!! (Yes, with my brother!!)”

It’s early morning, and the little gryphon Yuin comes to me with a proud looking expression, to give me a house shaped ornament made with branches and tied together with string.

For some reason, Yuin made an ornament too big to hold with my hands.

Maybe Ryon and Yuin discovered that they like making things when they made the baskets to carry the beast people, because they have been having fun making all sorts of things.

At first they made things I didn’t really understand, but after spending some time here in the village, they discovered that they can make ornaments too.

Their mother, Wason, looks at them with kind eyes as she sees her children making things together, and it feels warm.

“Thank, you.”

“Gurugururururu! Gururururu.

(I’m glad you like it! We’re going to make more.)”

Says Ryon, before he suddenly realizes something.

“Gurugurururururu! (You forgot to clean!)”

Yuin came from outside, so he left footprints on the floor.

They promised to clean their feet before getting inside so they don’t get things dirty, but it seems like Yuin forgot.

Yuin is looking at me like he’s wondering if I’m going to be mad, and that face is cute.

“Be careful… From now on.”


(I’m sorry.)”

“It’s alright.

Go outside, I’ll clean.”

I tell Yuin to go outside so it doesn’t get even more dirty, and so he does.

I go outside to the well, wash my face, and soak a cloth just a little, to wipe Yuin’s footprints.

“Gurugurururu (Are you mad)”

“No, just, be careful.”

“Gurugururu! (I will!)”

As I energetically wipe away Yuin’s footprints, he peeks inside and talks to me.

I’m not mad or anything.

That is how this day begins.

Life in the beast people’s village is fun.

People I like a lot smile at me and treat me like I’m dear to them, and that makes me really happy.

My heart is warm and every day is overflowing with happiness, so I can say I’m in a good place right now.

Warmth, happiness.

I like everyone a lot.

Every day is fun, and as I think about that, I can’t help but smile.

I want to do anything I can to help everyone, even if there isn’t a lot I can do.

In the village where I was born, I just did things people pushed onto me without any interest, but here, I’ll help as much as I can because it’s fun, and I like when people smile at me.

I’ve been learning bit by bit about picking herbs and mixing them, in the healer lady’s house.

Apparently I have holy magic aptitude, but not the strength to use it at will, so I should learn all I can from the healer lady.

If I do that, I can probably help if someone gets hurt.

I learn that medicinal herbs and poisonous herbs are surprisingly similar, so I have to be careful.

I’m shown actual examples, but I can’t tell which is which.

If I wasn’t told that they weren’t the same, I never would’ve known.

Apparently you can tell the difference by the back of the leaves.

It’s amazing how the healer lady can tell them apart like that.

There are always gryphons with me when I go out into the forest to pick medicinal herbs, but the adults are still worried about a kid like me going out alone, so I’m always accompanied by beast people as well.

I’m always accompanied by either gryphons or Scifo, but they say they are still worried.

Today, Dongu is with me.

Dongu is one of the people that went to the gryphons’ nest.

He has a big muscular body, and he’s one of the few that can use body strengthening magic, so I’ve been learning with him when he’s not busy.

Wason, Reimar, and the little gryphon Rumiha are also with me.

I’m riding on the back of Reimar.

Having that said, they are not flying, they are all walking with Dongu.

We’re looking for places where medicinal herbs grow, and when we find one, I will jump down from Reimar to start picking.

It’s very important to distinguish between medicinal and poisonous herbs, but the quality of medicinal herbs changes depending on how you pick them too, so I have to carefully use a knife and not damage them.

Meanwhile, Dongu is silent.

Dongu doesn’t talk a lot, so there is a lot of silence when we are together.

While I pick herbs, Dongu watches over the area around us while training with the axe he uses to hunt.

It’s really cool when someone as big as him swings an axe around.

I told him before that he’s cool, and he was a little embarrassed and turned away.

His ears started moving a little too.

It’s easy to tell how beast people feel by looking at their ears and tail.

Reimar is here with us, but Wason had to go after Rumiha, who wanted to go fly around.

I silently continue to pick herbs.

I failed a lot.

The quality of the medicinal herbs worsens if you don’t do it well.

I want to get better at this.

The medicinal herbs that the healer lady picks are really beautiful, and I want to be able to pick them like her.

Sometimes I manage to do it well, and I get happy.

I show a well picked herb to Dongu, and he nods and pats my head.

I get the feeling that we can communicate well even without words.

“Guru, gurururururururu! (Lerunda, we found something!)”

Rumiha says while jumping out of the grass.

Wason is hovering just above ground with a troubled expression, while holding a person with her front legs.

“A person”


(I went after Rumiha, and found her collapsed pretty far from here.)”

“Oh no!”




She is still alive, so I brought her with us.)”

It seems that person is still alive.

We have to save her.


Just as I’m thinking we have to save her, I hear a loud noise.

Was that a stomach rumbling It was really loud.

Did she collapse because she is hungry

That is the conclusion I reach, so we have to take her back to the village quickly and give her something to eat.

Dongu is frowning a little because this person is human, but in the end, he grabs a hold of her and takes her with us back to the village.

—Girl and something found

(The girl that is probably the miko goes out to pick medicinal herbs, and the gryphons find a person.)


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