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Chapter 23 – Princess and sister

I, Ninaev Fairy, am nervous and feel a tightness in my chest.

Today is the day where I go talk to the miko.

The situation remains unchanged, people in the big temple are too afraid of divine punishment to say anything to her, and are keeping their distance.

That is not all, a lot of people in the big temple are very faithful, and seriously believe that the miko’s comments are absolute, and nothing she does can be questioned.

I made up my mind to go admonish the miko, but I am terribly afraid.

The miko is a being that makes it difficult for even royalty to talk back to.

The miko is a child of god, a being loved by god, and its existence spreads far and wide.

Whichever country she is in will be blessed.

Still, I do not know for certain what kind of being the miko truly is.

If someone does something, they will receive divine punishment, but what is that anyway It is this uncertainty that makes me so afraid of admonishing the miko.

As the fifth princess, I am relatively free, but at the same time I am not.

I am nothing more than a pawn of this country, that will be married off somewhere for its sake.

That has been decided, and I am not free to accomplish something by my own hands.

“…I’m nervous.”

“Do your best princess Nina.”

As the fifth princess, I do not have many waiting maids, and only one truly serves me.

When I decided I was going to admonish the miko, they realized I am probably going to anger the miko and be discarded, so the other maids are not by my side.

My father also does not think that my words will change the miko’s behavior, and they are all already thinking about who the waiting maids will serve next.

The only maid that is by my side says she will not leave me.

It is very reassuring to know that I will not be alone… Even if I fail.

I am sure that even if I am discarded, I will not be outright banished like the educator.

I am still a princess, so surely some people will be assigned to me, but how many among them will truly be on my side Knowing that this girl will be with me makes me a little more at ease.


“Even if it does not go well, I will always be by your side princess Nina.”

“Thank you.

I like you a lot.”

“I like you a lot too princess Nina!”

The waiting maid responds with a smile.

It is time to confront the miko.

The miko is in the deepest room of the temple.

Her facial features are just as beautiful as everyone says, and it is hard to believe she really is the daughter of two commoners.

If you told me she was a princess, I would not doubt it.

Behind her stand many priestesses.

They were carefully selected to watch over the miko, and a lot are very faithful.

They see the miko as a being above all other beings, and to protect her, they do not hesitate to look at a princess like myself with eyes of caution…

Honestly, their eyes are scary.

I am royalty, and I have been looked at with antagonistic eyes and gone through difficult situations, but I have never been looked at with such enmity or felt so threatened.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, miss miko.

I am the fifth princess of the kingdom of Fairytrof, Ninaev Fairy.”

I greet her and introduce myself, and in response, the miko…

“Ah, I see.

I’m Alice.

I’m the miko!”

Responds in this manner.

She is still seven years old and three years my junior, so she is still a child.

If she was born from two commoners, it cannot be helped that she was not educated in proper manners, the problem is that the miko shows no signs of wanting to learn.

“Yes, I am aware that you are the miko.

There is something I want to ask you, will that be alright”


“Why won’t you try to learn In the future you will have to make official appearances, so you need to not only learn proper manners, but there is also a lot you need to learn about our country.”

As I talk, the priestesses behind the miko look at me with sharp eyes.

I’m scared, but I will see through the task my father asked of me.

“I hate that!”

“But still, you must do what must be done.

You are here as the miko, which means you must do things that are not asked of the common person.

You are special and you have power, but that is precisely why you must be educated…”

Being special comes with its own hardships.

The miko is more special and powerful than anyone else, and because of this, she must be educated.

She must learn the result that her actions will bring.

“Why! I don’t want to do that!”

“Not doing something simply because you do not want to will become a big problem.

For example, would you not hate it if not wanting to learn led to your parents being hurt To prevent that from happening…”



“I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do! And you said parents, but I’m the child of god right Everyone says that what I do can’t be helped!”


“You’re annoying! Are you sure you want to talk to me like that! You’re going to receive divine punishment!”

Try as I might, I just cannot get through to her.

The priests in the big temple tell the miko she can do whatever she pleases.

Apparently, the environment in which she grew up is related as well, so I wonder how she was treated in the village where she grew up.

She shows no remorse about hurting other people, as she threatens me with divine punishment.

Looking at this miko, I fear for the future of this country.

“Even if you are a princess, do you think it is acceptable to speak to the miko in that manner”

“We’re afraid we must ask you to leave.”

“We do not think it right to irritate the miko.”

“That is why we are blessed.”

Say the priestesses, as they send me away.

“…How awful.”


“Princess Nina, the big temple seems to have become very rotten.”


I absentmindedly speak with the waiting maid.

The miko is even harder to talk to than I had imagined.

I do not think anything can be done unless we temporarily remove her from the big temple and take her somewhere she does not have allies, but no one would do such a thing, for fear of divine punishment.

“…It might be done for.”


“This country.

I like this country but… It might be done for.

I think it might become the kind of country that shakes as a result of a single word from the miko.”

If I had more chances to meet the miko, I would talk to her as many times as possible until I got through to her, but I do not think I will see her again.

Surely my father will hear that I angered the miko, and I will not be able to stay in the capital.

Someone who antagonizes the miko is seen by the general population as nothing more than an enemy.

I think about this country’s future, and the vague feelings I have about it being ruined make me very sad.

When I return to the capital, it is decided that I will be sent away to a remote region.

—Princess and sister

(The fifth princess laments over the future of her country.)


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