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Chapter 229 – Girl and the winged people’s god – Part one

After resting in the winged people’s village, we continue following Mister Villa up the mountain the next day.

The terrain is more steep than it was before we reached the village, and it feels harder to climb.

When I look back, I really feel like I’m high up.

Mister Villa said before we left the village that there aren’t dangerous monsters or anything like that in the area where their god is.

This is one of the reasons why he’s the only one guiding us now.

It’s also proof that they trust their god.

It shows that they believe nothing dangerous will happen as long as their god exists.

Mister Villa’s god really has a lot of influence over the environment in this area, as well making the flow of magic energy a lot better.

I’m sure they don’t want a lot of people barging in.

Mister Villa would probably prefer not to take anyone other than me, but Mister Oshashio and the others are concerned about me, so they’re coming too.

“Guruguru… (I feel overwhelming magic energy…)”

“Guruguruguru… (It’s really powerful…)”

Riruha and Kamiha seem to sense something as we approach the peak, and look a little scared.

Mister Villa said monsters don’t come here, so there’s probably something that monsters feel intuitively.

Probably Mister Villa’s god.

Freinet just says the flow of magic energy is very nice.

It’s not like she isn’t scared, but she’s more excited about the flow of magic energy being so good.

The spirits that formed contracts with the elves seem kind of strange.

Maybe they’re a little scared too…

I can’t feel the flow of magic energy as well as spirits, and I don’t have the instincts and sensitivity to feel what monsters feel.

Whatever is frightening the gryphons and making the spirits act strangely is just up ahead.

If the gryphons are scared of Mister Villa’s god, we probably won’t put up a fight if he turns out to be an enemy.

Even though this thought pops into my mind, for some reason I don’t feel scared.

I’ve been silent all this time, probably because I’m nervous.

It’s not everyday you meet a god.

Gaius and the others haven’t been speaking a lot either, probably because they feel scared too, and are wondering what’s waiting for us at the top.

I’m the only one who’s excited.

Well, Freinet is excited too in a way, and she’s not feeling the same fear and nervousness as the others.

I’m sure I’m excited and feel like everything’s going to be all right because I’m the miko.

I remember something Mister Roma said.

He said that I just don’t understand.

There are times when I just know from the bottom of my heart that something’s all right, so I don’t look worried.

All because I just feel that it’s all right.

But I only feel at ease because I have that conviction.

Other people don’t feel this, so they’re caught in a whirlpool of nervousness, uncertainty, and fear.

I’m starting to realize this more and more as I grow up.

I’m very excited, but people around me don’t feel that way, and I have to keep that in mind when I act.

“I’m sorry, everyone.

I know it’s scary, but thank you, for coming with me.”

“No, you don’t have to say that.

We’re here because we want to.”

“Gurugururu, rururu.

(It is scary, but don’t worry.)”


(You don’t have to apologize.)”

“Thank you.”

We say while moving forward.

Everyone’s so nice.

I really like them all.

And it’s not just the people here with me, I like everyone in the village a lot.

After we meet the winged people’s god and go back to the village, I want to thank them.

We keep going up for a while longer, when Mister Villa suddenly stops.

“…Our god is just ahead.

Please make sure you do not do anything rude.”

He says just before the summit.

After climbing a very steep slope, we reach the summit, and I see it.

There is a giant living being.

I had no idea something like this lived in this mountain.

I couldn’t tell from the ground.

“I apologize for disturbing your rest, but I have brought the girl.”

Mister Villa speaks, and the curled up monster moves his neck.

This being’s body is covered in black scales, it has sharp fangs, and it has giant wings.

“Hoo, so she is the miko.”

The monster called a dragon opens its mouth while looking at me.

—Girl and the winged people’s god – Part one

(The miko meets the winged people’s god.)


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