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Chapter 227 – Girl and winged people’s village – Part one


We reach Mister Villa’s village, and I can’t help but sound impressed.

A village high up in the mountain.

I never thought something like this could exist before we made contact with the winged people.

It really makes me realize that this world is full of things beyond my imagination.

It feels kind of weird, but it also makes me feel that this world really is interesting.

This world is not just full of fun things but… Having everyone with me makes me feel more hope for the future than uncertainty.

Even as we step foot into their village, I still don’t get a bad feeling at all, so I can relax even if I do feel a bit uneasy.

If anything, it’s everyone else that came with me that looks nervous.

I see winged people I haven’t seen before, but there aren’t many kids.

Apparently the winged people live longer than humans too, so they probably can’t have babies as easily.

Their god is a little further from here.

They say we’ll reach him if we keep going up, but the road becomes pretty rugged after this, we’re resting here before we continue.

There isn’t a house big enough for seven people and the gryphons, so we split up.

I’m staying with Gaius and the gryphons in Mister Villa’s house.

His house is in the highest point of this village, and it’s bigger than the others too.

I’ve never been this high up before.

It’s still a little hard to breathe.

The gryphons say they want to stay outside, so only I, Gaius, and Freinet enter Mister Villa’s house.

I feel like Riruha and Kamiha don’t want to come inside out of fear that they would make the house dirty.

“…I’m tired.”

“Me too.

I’ve never been on a mountain before.

It kind of feels different than down there.”


Gaius looks tired as he sits down, and I sit next to him.

Freinet flies close to me and whispers that the flow of magic energy is probably even better here.

“It’s better”

“Yes, it’s very nice.

Whatever is causing this is probably nearby.”

“So it really is, their god”

“That I don’t know, but even if it isn’t, there’s something incredible at the peak of this mountain.”

Mister Villa and the others aren’t here, so I can speak with Freinet freely.

Still, she isn’t revealing herself just in case, so Gaius can’t hear her.

“Are you talking to Freinet”


She says the flow of magic energy in this village is really nice.”

“…Flow of magic energy”

“It’s easy for spirits to feel it.

I wonder what their god is like.”

I’ve been thinking about that ever since they said their god wants to meet me.

He must be really strong, if an entire group of people calls him a god.

“…If things had gone differently, people somewhere might be calling you god too.”



If you didn’t know the word miko, and we had no idea what that was either… You might’ve been called a god.”

“I see.

But then you too… You can transform, and only beast people of the past could do that.

So maybe if things were different, you’d be called a god.”

Thinking about it, I guess the beings that people decide to call gods depends on those people’s way of thinking.

Anyone could be called a god.

Even Phyto, who was a regular girl, was seen as the daughter of god because of her behavior.

Everyone has the potential to be called a god, it just depends on the people around them.

The gods that have been worshiped for a long, long time are one thing, but there are many beings that are called gods and live near people.

Even the plant monster that was causing the elves grief could be worshiped if the circumstances were different.

Many things are called gods.

It makes it even harder to imagine what the winged people’s god could be.

I think it’s something that flies, but I’m sure there are many beings I don’t know about that can fly.

As we relax while talking about this, Mister Villa comes in.

He says they’re preparing dinner.

It’s not like they’re welcoming us here with open arms, but we’re here because that’s what their god wants, so they’re feeding us too.

—Girl and winged people’s village – Part one

(The miko takes a breather in a village on the mountain.)


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