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Chapter 200 – Cat and escape

Life really is full of surprises.

I infiltrated human society to save beast people being held captive.

For that reason I let the daughter of a count do what she wanted with me, and slowly made connections with the nobility of the kingdom of Migha.

I managed to meet that seventh prince, the one who ordered the attack on the village.

The same person who caused the destruction of our village is now working for the sake of beast people.

I decided to help him in secret.

We act like we are enslaving beast people, while actually doing the exact opposite.

He sent a group of beast people to the real miko, but we don’t know if they reached her… Still, it’s definitely better to escape and at least get to see a light at the end of the tunnel than to continue being a slave here in this country.

I’ve been cajoling the daughter of the count to make it possible for me to take the slaves I’ve gathered to Hicked, but something unexpected happens before I can go through with it.

A race we call dragon people attacked.

This kingdom enslaved one of them, which angered the dragon people and caused them to bare their fangs at the kingdom.

At first, I thought it was unbelievable.

Their enemy is a kingdom, and the numbers are overwhelmingly against them.

If they failed, they could all become slaves, and yet they still attacked and the kingdom of Migha suffered a blow.

The dragon people rescued their comrade, but it didn’t end there.

Maybe it’s out of hatred for the kingdom of Migha, but they are reaching out to us too.

They even plan to attack the count simply because they don’t like humans who enjoy enslaving other races.

This mansion is a target probably in part because my actions have led to a lot of slaves being here.

People around the human girl who likes me see her as a girl with a strange interest in gathering slaves.

From the dragon people’s point of view it’s probably very weird.

Less than a week after I heard that the enslaved dragon person was freed and the prince was wounded, they attack this mansion.

I’m with the daughter of the count who, as always, is staring at my face while smiling.

She sat me on a sofa and sat next to me, looking at my face with adoration in her eyes.

She really thinks I don’t feel a shred of hatred about being a slave.

What a naive mind.

I worried that I might start developing feelings for her, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

I’m pretty relieved about that to be honest.


When she says my name, I hear something moving.

Something that I can only hear because of my beast people ears.

I say a few words and leave the room.

I find dragon people in the process of invading the mansion.

If I raise my voice, the soldiers serving this family will take action, and they will be discovered and probably run away.

But I don’t say anything.

Dragon people attacking this mansion is not my problem.

If anything, if they’re enemies of the kingdom of Migha they are my allies in a way.

Also, if there’s a commotion, the humans might use the beast people gathered here as a shield and escape.

It makes me sick, but I’ve seen people bragging about using slaves like this.

What should I do

I think and think, but can’t find an answer.

As I think, I see them again through the corner of my eye, and I lock eyes with one of them, who looks surprised to see me.

It looks like this person can tell even from far away that I’m not going to make a fuss.

They continue their advance, and I go back to the count’s daughter as if nothing happened.

After a while, we start hearing noise.

I hear people yelling about dragon people.

The count’s daughter is trembling.

She says we should run away, and we leave the room.

There’s noise all over the mansion.

I run, but take the count’s daughter where the slaves are.

Someone is killed right in front of us, and a dragon person appears.

The lady lets out a pathetic sounding yell and faints.

The dragon person in front of me is the same one that looked me in the eyes earlier.

I look at the dragon person while holding the lady.

“You… Why are you siding with them”

“…Why I’m doing this for my own safety.”


If that was the case, you would have raised your voice as soon as you saw us.

And I heard from the slaves that you are actually kind.

How about we get away from here together That would be good for your own safety too.”

Run away…

I probably should run.

I could get some peace if I did, but… What about my goal A lot of slaves are probably going to be freed because of their attack, but a lot won’t.

If I run away now, all I’ve been doing will have been for nothing.

“Can you let the two of us go”

I say after coming to a conclusion about what I should do.

There’s a chance that I’m going to be killed here, but I still can’t stop.

“I want the humans to see me as the person who saved her, not because I like humans, but because I have a goal I’m working towards.

Can you let us go”


I can’t leave now, and I choose to go deeper into human society.

I believe I can break this situation.

No, I swear I will change it.

The dragon person nods, and I run from the mansion with the count’s daughter in my arms.

—Cat and escape

(The cat’s resolve is strengthened by the dragon people’s attack.

He leaves the mansion with the daughter of the count to infiltrate human society deeper.)


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