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Chapter 20 – Girl and magic – Part one


Hum, Gaius.”

After Gaius got mad at me, I realized once again how much I like everyone in this village and how important they are to me.

I was so happy when Gaius said I’m dear to him.

I’m so happy, that I’ve been able to initiate conversations with him more than before.

I’m still bad at talking, but I think I’m better now than I was when I was still in the village where I grew up.

Lately I’ve even been having fun talking.

The man that I apparently healed already thanked me, and even he said I shouldn’t push myself too hard.

He’s nice.

All the other beast people were concerned when I collapsed too.

I really shouldn’t push myself so hard that I collapse again.

The gryphons were concerned too.

The little gryphons are worried that I might do something similar again, so they’ve been following me around.

Reimar also said [Gurugurugururuuu (We’re all worried so try not to push yourself so hard)], and Scifo said the same thing.

I’m happy that people are concerned about me.

It feels like the warm feelings in my heart have become even warmer.

I want to help people even more, so I want to be able to use magic properly, but I heard that the number of beast people that can use magic is smaller than other races.

They can use something called physical strengthening magic, but generally speaking, they can’t use magic.

Also, even less people can use holy magic, the kind of magic I used to heal the beast man.

Because of this, I can’t train magic.

If only someone that’s good with magic would come to the village… At least grandma is very knowledgeable about this subject, so she’s teaching me about it.

Now that I think about it, there was a harvest recently, and I helped with it too.

I’m still a kid, so I’m not very strong, but I did my best.

Everyone was happy that it was a bigger harvest than last year’s.

I was happy too.

They say that last year there was a lot of damage done to the crops by bugs.

That sort of thing happens, but not in the village where I grew up, at least not that I can remember.

In fact, it was because they were so blessed that they were able to make so many offerings to my sister.

The gryphons and Scifo have been hunting monsters, and as a result, fewer people have been getting injured.

Mister Athos is very happy about it, and I’m happy that good things are happening.

“Lerunda, you’re very friendly with Gaius aren’t you”

“Do you like Gaius”

Two kids from the village are smiling in front of me.

They are the two girls I get along with.

The one that speaks calmly is Shinomi, and the energetic girl is Kayu.

I haven’t been able to get along with the boys very well, or rather, I don’t really understand the way they have been interacting with me ever since I cut my hair, but at least they are not mean.


I like him, a lot.”

I like Gaius a lot, just like I said.

He’s nice, warm, and I’m happy when I’m with him.

Kayu becames restless when I say I like him.

“Really… When did you start liking him”

“…Kayu, I don’t think Lerunda means what you hope she means.”

Before I can answer, Shinomi says something I don’t really understand.

What does she mean And then Shinomi asks me a question.

“Lerunda, do you like me and Kayu”


A lot.”

“Thank you.

I like you a lot too Lerunda.

Do you like us the same way you like Gaius”

“Hn Yes.”

I don’t really know what I’m being asked, but I nod.

I like Gaius a lot, and the same goes for Shinomi and Kayu.

They’re all nice and smile at me.

“My first… Girl friends.”

Shinomi and Kayu are a little older than me, but they are my first girl friends.

I used to not have any friends, so having three friends now makes me really happy.

“You two… Are nice.

I like you a lot.”

“Geez Lerunda, you’re so cute!!”

Kayu hugs me tightly.

She’s taller and a little older than me, so my face is pressed against her chest.

I’m happy about being hugged like this, but it’s a little hard to breathe,

“Kayu! You’re hurting Lerunda.”

Says Shinomi, and Kayu releases me.

“Sorry Lerunda!”

“It’s alright.

I’m happy, to be hugged.

But it was a little, hard to breathe.”

“Can I hug you a little less tightly”


I nod, and she hugs me again, but less tightly than before.

I was never hugged like this in the village where I grew up.

It’s warm and makes me feel really happy.

“Are you here Lerunda Wait, what are you doing”

“Are you jealous Gaius Do you want to hug Lerunda too”

“I-idiot! What are you talking about Kayu!!”

Gaius is here, and Kayu is talking to him while still hugging me.

I move my face and talk to Gaius.

“Gaius, do you want to, hug”

“You don’t mind being hugged by Gaius, Lerunda”


I like Gaius, a lot.”

Gaius has never hugged me like this, but if it feels as warm as when Kayu does it, I don’t mind it at all.

Being hugged by someone you like a lot is good.

“…Lerunda, Grandma is calling you.”

“What’s the matter with your face, Gaius”

“…Just come with me.”

Gaius turns his head, and in the end, he didn’t hug me.

He could’ve done it, I’m sure it would’ve felt warm in my heart.

Kayu and Shinomi say goodbye, and Gaius takes me by the hand to grandma’s place.

Gaius didn’t hug me, but he is taking me by the hand.

Just being taken by the hand like this makes me happy, so I want to try hugging just once too.

I’m sure it will feel even warmer and make me even happier.

Gaius doesn’t do it, but he pats my head.

We head towards the village, and grandma’s place.

She called me to teach me about magic.

—Girl and magic – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko starts learning about magic from grandma.)


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