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Chapter 190 – Girl and the revival of the spirit tree – Part two

What I see in front of me feels very mystical.

There are a lot of spirits.

I’ve only seen them sleeping, so seeing them awake like this feels like a dream.


The spirits notice I’ve woken up, and gather around me.

They can’t talk, but I can tell they’re happy, and it makes me feel happy too.

Most spirits here are wind and earth spirits.

I’m sure Mister Sileva and the other elves are going to be able to do more things now that the spirits contracted to them are awake.


“Mister Sileva…”

As I look at this beautiful sight, Mister Sileva speaks to me.

He has tears in his eyes.

“…I am very grateful to you for helping the spirits recover.

We have waited so long for this moment.”

A spirit that looks like a kid is sitting on his shoulder and looking at me with a smile.

“This is like a dream to us.

It feels as though the days we spent in despair as we watched the monster take over the spirit tree were a lie.

I feel from the bottom of my heart that choosing to join you was the best choice we could have made.”

Mister Sileva is moved to tears.

The spirit on his shoulder is reaching out to him, probably to comfort him.

Now that I think about it, Mister Sileva and the other elves were planning to offer us as sacrifices.

Back when we first met, he would’ve never thanked me so sincerely.

He said humans are lower beings that can’t use magic, and beast people are savage descendants of beasts, but I’m sure he doesn’t feel that way now.

People can change, and there’s always a chance that people will come to understand each other.

I don’t know what kind of people I’ll meet going forward, but I’ll do my best to make sure we understand each other too.

“That’s great.

The spirits, recovered.”

I’m really happy that the spirit tree recovered and the spirits are feeling well.

I’m glad I could help create this sight.

I really can’t help but be happy when everyone’s happy.

I receive a lot from them.

My life is fun because of everyone here, so I’m happy I get to give back.

“I can’t see the spirits, but I can tell the spirit tree has recovered.

This is yet another chapter for the legend of Lerunda, the miko.

I have no shortage of material for the picture book!!”

“Yes, what an incredible blessing it is to bear witness to Miss Lerunda’s great undertaking.

How marvelous, Miss Lerunda truly is a miko worthy of my deepest respect.”

Miss Lan is excited about getting new material for the picture book, and Mister Ilma is crying.

Miss Shehan is standing next to him, and looks exasperated.

“Lerunda… You’re incredible.

I can’t see spirits, but it’s great that they’ve recovered.”

Says Phyto, who is next to me before I know it, looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes.

There are no winged people here right now.

That’s good, because we still don’t know exactly what kind of people they are, and Miss Lan says it’s safer if they don’t know everything about us.

All the elves in the village have gathered here.

The return of the spirit tree is so important to them, that a lot have tears in their eyes.

This includes Miss Wetani, who has a baby in her belly.

She kneels and puts her hand on her belly, with tears in her eyes.

She sees me looking at her, stands up, and walks towards me.

“Lerunda thank you… I’m so glad to have the spirit tree back before my baby is born.”

Says Miss Wetani, and she continues.

“Without the spirit tree, my baby would have been raised not understanding spirits, and probably would not have been able to form a contract.

You have my deepest gratitude.”

“Miss Wetani…”

A child growing up not knowing about spirits and being unable to form a contract.

To the elves, this is incredibly important, which is why she’s thanking me like this.

What’s happening is important not only for the people that are here now, but for the lives that are going to be born in the future too.

It warms my heart.

This day, when everyone is excited about the spirit tree recovering, turned into a festival.

—Girl and the revival of the spirit tree – Part two

(The miko is happy that she got to help everyone.)


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