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Chapter 19 – The educator is lost

I, Landouno Stoffer, am in a bind.

I set out to look for miss Alice’s sister, thinking she might be the miko, and after hearing that she went into the forest, I decided to go after her… But the monsters in this forest are rather strong.

I have a few monster repellents, so I have been able to walk without issue, but would a seven year old child really be able to survive in this place Still, if she really is the miko, she wouldn’t die even in this forest right I really don’t want to think about the worst case scenario of miss Alice’s sister having died here.

If the sister really is the miko, I want to stay by her side and study what exactly the miko is.

There are books that talk about what kind of being the miko is, but seeing one for myself and studying her may result in seeing some differences between what was written and reality.

Well, that is if the sister really is the miko.

If it turns out that miss Alice truly is the miko, I will have to give up on studying the miko closely… Still, I really get the feeling that the sister is the real miko.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I don’t call the sister by her name, the answer is very simple, I don’t know what it is.

The child that told me about her didn’t say it, or rather, it seems the child doesn’t know it either.

It seems the sister received the complete opposite treatment of the pampered miss Alice.

She was ostracized, and the villagers had her do work that they couldn’t be bothered to do.

They wouldn’t even call her by her name most of the time.

That’s why that child doesn’t know her name, even though it is such a small village.

But what really makes me think she is the miko, is hearing that any time someone tried to harm her, they would fall over in an unnatural manner.

I think that happened because she is the miko.

People in small villages don’t hear about the miko as much as people in cities.

They have a very vague idea of what it is, and so, that unnatural protection only makes the villagers think she is even creepier.

Still, the idea of parents abandoning their child like that makes me sick.

Their parents are currently in Agatha with miss Alice.

I only saw them a few times, but I asked about them when I was in the big temple.

Apparently they are living in luxury.

They are allowed to do so because, as the people that birthed the miko, their wishes have to be granted.

What kind of parents would live it up like that after abandoning their child

Where did the sister go anyway

As I wander in the forest, I wonder how far a child could have really gone.

I can’t even find traces of her, so could it be that she isn’t moving by her own two feet God forbid but, if she did die, surely there would be vestiges left.

This leads me to believe that she is still alive.

But where did miss Alice’s sister go…

Miss Alice is so beautiful, she makes me doubt that she was really born into a family of commoner villagers.

She looks more like royalty or nobility… Her facial features seem almost unreal.

I can say without a doubt that she is going to be an incredibly beautiful woman.

And her sister…

The child in the village told me that miss Alice’s sister doesn’t look like her, so she probably isn’t as beautiful.

I don’t know what she looks like, and I don’t have any clues, but I wonder what she’s like, and I want to meet her.

I’m looking forward to meeting her, if that is even possible.

I believe I can, and I definitely want to, so I’m going to do my best.

Who knows if I will die before I get the chance, but I have to try.

That is how much I want to meet her.

“Seriously… Where did you go”

I whisper, underneath the dark sky with countless bright stars.

I start a fire to warm myself, and hear the growls of beasts echoing inside the dark forest.

It’s a little frightening.

I have monster repellents, but being here by myself is scary.

Thinking about that child walking through these woods by herself gives me strength to try my hardest as well, but I really am scared.

For food, I have the emergency rations I brought with me, and I used berries and mushrooms I picked on the way to do what can generously be called simple cooking.

I’m looking for the sister, but honestly, I have no idea where I am.

All I know is the direction from which I came, and that I’m pretty deep in the forest.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am lost, but I can’t turn back now that I’ve come all this way.

I want to meet the sister, and those feelings give me the courage to give my best again tomorrow.

—The educator is lost

(The woman desperately searches for the girl that is probably the miko.)


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