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Chapter 172 – Tomb

I am next to a tomb built in the middle of the village.

This tomb is for Mister Athos, Mister Roma, and grandma.

It was built not very far from the square, so the people that left and went on their next journey to the sky don’t feel sad.

We can’t talk or laugh with them anymore.

Thinking about this makes me feel sad and lonely, but we have to face forward and keep on living.

I should keep these people that are dear to me close to my heart, while working hard to make sure they can rest and not worry about us.

People come visit this tomb all the time.

Everyone cared about these people that passed away, not just me.

Gaius comes here a lot too, probably thinking about Mister Athos.

Losing someone is sad, but being alive means dying someday.

Every living being dies.

Even if people think they’ll live forever, they’ll die eventually.

I want to live my life to the fullest until that day comes.

I think our goal of creating a place where everyone can smile together is coming along nicely.

Our village hasn’t been found by anyone that’s threatening to attack it.

There are some reasons to worry, but we’re getting closer to our goal.

What else do I need to do to make our wish come true

I don’t like fighting, but I know sometimes we need to fight and argue.

There are times when I’m not sure what I should do, like with the winged people and Mister Ilma, but I think it will be fine.

I think I’ll make the right choices if I talk to Miss Lan and the others.

There’s still so much I don’t understand about my power, but I can use wind magic pretty well now, and even Freinet says it’s going very well.

I want to use other kinds of magic too.

Controlling fire like Scifo sounds fun.

Still, magic is a very powerful ability, and I’d rather not use it against people… But if someone tries to hurt someone that’s important to me, I might have to.

I want to be able to do more things, because I don’t want to lose anyone else.

I might have to turn my magic against other people, but if that time comes, am I going to be able to do anything

I’ve been able to get by without having to face other people as enemies… But I have to be ready for that.

I promise in front of the tomb that I will do my best.

Gaius sees me staring at the tomb, and approaches me.

“You’re here Lerunda.”


“It’s been two years since my father died…”


Mister Athos died two years ago…

He died around the time of my eight birthday, to humans like me no less.

I think back to when I went after Gaius.

I’m really glad I did, because he would’ve died too if I stayed back.

We changed a lot in these two years.

We met the elves, defeated that monster, and I formed a contract with a spirit.

We reached a new place, met different people, and I made up my mind to admit to myself that I’m the miko.

Gaius gained the ability to turn into a wolf thanks to me, and then we met Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan and the winged people.

We really met a lot of people.

I’m sure mister Athos is surprised by how much we changed, as he watches over us from the sky.

“Gaius… We changed a lot.

I think we’ve gotten a little stronger… Since we made our vow.

We’re still chasing our dream, to make a place where everyone can smile together… But we’re very happy now.

Sometimes I get worried, thinking about something happening, like what happened with Mister Athos, or someone attacking us.”

I feel happy in this village.

We had the singing festival, and I want us to make more events like that.

Every day is fun, and I get excited thinking about the future.

But at the same time, I get worried.

I’m not strong enough to protect everyone yet.

This place is very peaceful, but still not the kind of place that can protect everyone either.

This is not a place where people can feel completely at peace.

If someone attacks, it could easily be destroyed.

I have the power of the miko, but what if someone attacks us, and that’s not enough Being near the tomb worsens my worries.

“…Yes, I’m worried too.

I don’t think people from the kingdom of Migha will come here but… If they find out about this place, they might come to enslave us all.”


“It’s not just Migha either.

We could be attacked by someone that’s after you.”


Almost no one knows about this village.

We’re living in peace because the news that we’re living here in the forest hasn’t spread too far.

But what if that changes

“But… That’s why we decided to become strong enough to do something about that.

I’m scared that someone might attack us again, but that’s why I want to be able to do more things.

So I can fight back if something happens.”


But I’m a little scared, of fighting back.”

“You protected me back then, when I couldn’t do anything, so I want to protect you next time.

If you don’t want to fight back, I’ll do it, and so will other people.”

“…Thank you.

Thinking about this is scary, but I’ll do my best too.”

What Gaius says makes me happy, but even if thinking about something like that happening is scary, I still want to do my best.

Everyone here is my friend, so I can’t just make them shoulder everything because I’m scared.

Gaius nods.


(The miko has a conversation with the beast boy in front of the tomb.)


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