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Chapter 17 – Girl and the beast people’s village – Part three

“Those letters…”

In front of me, is an elderly lady with a kind smile.

She is the mother of Oshashio, one of the people that went to the gryphon nest, and has red hair just like him, just a little faded because of her age.

Their faces are somewhat alike too.

It’s obvious to anyone that they are family.

Right now, I’m learning about letters with grandma “everyone in the village calls her grandma” alongside Gaius and the other kids.

The letters that humans write and the letters that beast people write are only a little bit different.

I didn’t learn about them back in the village where I was born, and almost no one there could read.

In this village, a lot of people can read because grandma teaches about letters.

If you can remember letters, you can do more things, so when grandma asked if I wanted to learn too, I happily agreed.

I like grandma a lot.

She teaches in a very nice way and has very kind eyes.

She even promises to let me read her books when I’m able to read and write well.

I’m not good at talking, so I can only talk slowly, but grandma listens to me and smiles.

She is very nice, warm, and makes me feel at ease.

After I’m done studying letters for the day, I go help the villagers.

Obviously, I can’t go out hunting, so I help with things like cooking, cleaning, and making clothes.

I receive things in return for helping.

At first, some people looked at me with suspicion when I said I wanted to help, but after seeing me try my hardest to help, they looked happy and smiled.

In the village where I was born, people would tell me to do chores, because they couldn’t harm me directly.

I didn’t really have anything else to do, so it felt natural to me to just do what I was told.

No one said thank you to me like people here do.

People here smile and say thank you, and that’s enough for me to want to help even more.

Also, when people hunt, they share it with everyone in the village.

I learn cooking too.

Grandma knows a lot about things like seasonings that exist in big cities, and she can make very good food.

It’s a little tricky, but I’m surprised at how good it turns out.

The beast people are full of new things for me.

Things I didn’t know, and things I had never done.

As I’m thinking about that and feeling happy, I walk without paying attention to what’s in front of me, fall, and scratch my knee a little.

It’s been a while since I got hurt.

People couldn’t hit me or anything, but I did get hurt because I wasn’t careful.

A beast person takes me somewhere to receive treatment right away.

This place is the healer’s home, and it’s where people come to be treated.

It has a distinctive smell.

Because of this, I meet the healer lady and find another place where I can help.

As I help in all sorts of places, I meet a lot of beast people too.

I’ve never talked to so many people before, so I’m nervous, but the feeling of happiness is strong too.

My family is here with me, Gaius and mister Athos are kind, and I like grandma a lot, so the feeling of happiness is probably stronger.

I love this village and the people here.

I can’t help but feel my heart getting warmer.

“I love… Everyone.”


(That’s nice.)”

I say without thinking, as Reimar gets close to me.

She answers with a kind voice.

Now that I think about it, the beast people seem to revere Reimar even more than the other gryphons because of her golden feathers.

Still, Reimar helps the villagers and plays with the kids, so they’re not as distant as they were.

I’m really glad I asked mister Athos if I could come here.

I’m glad I came here.

The fun days continue, until one day a beast person comes back seriously wounded.

They say he fell off a cliff.

They managed to get him out, but he’s in critical condition.

There’s blood.

I’ve never seen someone so hurt.

He always smiles and says thank you when I help.

My face becomes completely white.

There’s a lot of noise around me, people asking if he’s alright and crying.

I don’t like this.

I don’t like this.

I really wish he doesn’t die.

I wish, I wish, I strongly wish…

Then I see a light, and faint.

—Girl and the beast people’s village – Part three

(The girl that is probably the miko loves the village, and so she strongly wished.)


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