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Chapter 165 – Girl and the powerless daughter of god – Part two

I wake up and get out of bed, still half-asleep.

I look at Phyto, who is still sleeping, and…


I notice something, and stop.

Phyto’s hair changed from light green to light pink.

It kind of feels like she turned into a different person.

“I… Did it again.”

It’s just like what happened to Reimar and Gaius.

The same thing happened again, but Phyto wanted to just be a girl and be called by her name.

I feel like I did something wrong.

She opens her eyes, sits up, and sees me looking at her.

She sees my expression, and looks at me like she’s wondering why I have this look on my face.

“…I’m sorry Phyto.”

“For what”

“Your hair… Changed color.

Probably, because of me.”


She looks surprised and touches her hair.

Then she looks down.

Her eyes open wide as she sees her hair is a different color.

“…My hair looks different, but why is that your fault”

“It’s probably, because I was thinking about you, while I prayed… Something probably happened to you, and you changed in some way.”

“Something happens when you pray”


Miss Lan said it’s called ‘the miko’s knights’.

I probably turned you into that, without thinking.”

It’s not like I asked for Phyto to turn into a ‘miko’s knight’, but I didn’t ask for Reimar or Gaius to turn into that either.

I think that happens when I think something very strongly.

When I thought about Phyto’s people being important to me too, their crops started growing more easily.

How does this work I don’t really understand the miko’s power.

I really think I need to learn more about miko.

I need to understand what my powers are, and how to use them.

I might end up causing unexpected things to happen if I don’t.

My prayer had an effect on Phyto, even though I didn’t ask what she wanted.

I start to worry that maybe she’s mad, but it doesn’t look like she is.

“Don’t apologize.

This is the daughter of god’s… No, this is part of the miko’s power.”

“…You wanted to just be Phyto, but I did something to you, so…”

“No, it’s alright.

People are still going to treat me like I’m the daughter of god anyway.

And if this helps me stop my people from doing things you don’t want, then it’s great.

…I was going to do that, even without any powers… But I wanted strength, and I wanted to change.”

Gaius said something similar, now that I think about it.

So my prayer changed Phyto because that’s what she wanted.

“So don’t apologize.

I feel like, I’ve been given something.

This will make things easier.

It makes it easier to work for you.”


She looks directly at me.

Her expression tells me she decided what she wants to do and is full of energy.

When she was here as a hostage, she just hung around, and it looked like she didn’t want to do anything.

She was like me when I was in the village where I was born.

But now she knows what she wants to do, and is filled with motivation.

“Now that I’ve changed, what can I do”

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

Reimar’s feathers turned beautifully golden, and she got bigger.

She’s the strongest of the gryphons.

Gaius’ ears and tail turned silver, and now he can turn into a wolf.

So what can Phyto do What is this blessing that the miko can grant anyway I still don’t really understand.

How does it change people

I still don’t really know all that Reimar and Gaius can do either.

“I see.

I’ll have to find that out.”


We’ll do it together.”

We’ve been talking for a while, and Miss Lan opens the door after asking if we’re awake.

As she opens the door, she mumbles ‘did Phyto receive the miko’s blessing That’s…’, and starts thinking.

She really likes studying, so it looks like she has a lot of thoughts about Phyto changing.

—Girl and the powerless daughter of god – Part two

(The miko blesses the powerless daughter of god, but no one knows what this blessing actually did for her.)


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