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Chapter 164 – Girl and the powerless daughter of god – Part one

Phyto asks her people to go back, and her, Gaius, Miss Lan, and Mister Dongu all come to my house.

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t look like Phyto is going to do anything inconvenient but… Just like how Miss Lan was worried about the priest, she or her people might act rashly because the miko is so important to them.

What should I do

Gaius enters the house in his wolf form, but he runs out of magic energy, and turns back to his normal form.

Phyto looks surprised.

She had no idea Gaius could transform into a wolf.

“…Is that also, the power of the daughter of god”

Asks Phyto, and I nod.

We brought Phyto here so we could talk, but where do we start

Miss Lan speaks first.

“If Lerunda is the same as your daughter of god, that means your people can’t cause her any harm, correct If so, there is no problem.

I think this is a positive change.”

“Lan… I agree that it turned out well this time, but try not to talk carelessly again.”

“…Yes, I understand what I did wrong, but the result was positive.

Phyto, I feel like I should ask something.

You were not lying before, were you”

Miss Lan answers Mister Dongu and then asks Phyto a question.

“Yes, of course.

Lerunda is my friend, and I want to be on her side.

I won’t let anyone do anything to bother her.

I’m just a powerless ‘daughter of god’ but… I’ll show you I can at least do that.”

Says Phyto with her eyes full of determination.

She won’t do anything to trouble me, and won’t let her people bother me either.

“But will you listen to her opinion Can you swear you won’t do things she doesn’t want you to do while saying it’s for her sake”

“…What do you mean”

“I am just concerned.

This adoration towards Lerunda is like a bomb.

Faith is a very powerful force, and I fear that this faith will lead people to do things Lerunda doesn’t want, under the pretext that it is for her sake.

So I want to ask.

Even if you understand this is not right, are you sure you can control your people”

Miss Lan asks Phyto.

Gaius and I listen quietly.

I don’t know what to say, so I’m leaving it all up to Miss Lan.

“…I understand.

I’m Lerunda’s friend, so I’m not as blind as everyone else.

If I do become blind to this sort of thing, please yell at me for it.

But still, everyone else might treat you like a god.

I… Don’t have any powers, I’m just called the daughter of god but… I won’t let anyone act rashly for your sake.”

“You just revealed to them that you have no powers, so are you sure you can still contain them”

“…Lerunda treats me like a friend.

I said I don’t have powers, but I am a friend of the true daughter of god, so I think I will be fine.

I swear on my life I will do my best not to let them act rashly.”

On her life… Phyto says something scary.

I don’t want that at all.

I don’t want my friend to die.

“…Don’t, put your life, on the line.

I’ll be sad, if you die.”

“But… Lerunda…”

“It’s alright Phyto.

You don’t have, to risk your life.”

I don’t have a bad feeling about Phyto or her people.

I understand that Miss Lan wants to be cautious.

It’s the same fear we had with Mister Ilma, but I somehow feel it will be alright.

Phyto says she wants to be my friend, and I believe it.

I can happily accept those words without sensing anything bad.

So if Phyto says she can do it, I think she can.

“I see… Do you think it will be alright, Lerunda”


I nod, and Miss Lan seems a little relieved.”

“Then I also think it will be fine.

Still, even if you feel it will be alright, the miko’s power is not absolute.

Don’t let your guard down.”


Phyto is staying in my house tonight, and the gryphons are staying here to watch her just in case.

I offer a prayer about Phyto as I go to sleep.

—Girl and the powerless daughter of god – Part one

(The miko hears the determined powerless daughter of god and offers a prayer.)


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