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Chapter 16 – A princess makes a decision

A story from the kingdom of Fairytrof.

“The drought is continuing in this region.

At this rate, we cannot expect this year’s harvest to be as good as last year’s.”

“It has been several years since we’ve seen anything like the lightning strike in the royal capital.”

“We have been receiving reports that monster attacks are increasing.”

“There are rumors of idols in the temple cracking…”

The royal capital of the kingdom of Fairytrof is in a state of panic.

I, Ninaev Fairy, am the fifth princess of this kingdom.

I was born of a concubine, and my right to succession is low.

Basically, I am a princess, but it matters little if I am here or not.

I turned ten this year.

Lately, especially since the big temple obtained custody of the miko, the capital has been in disarray.

I have been obtaining information slowly but surely, under a guise of innocence.

The big temple, my father, and the general population all believe that the cause of all of this is the miko being displeased.

It is being widely reported that the miko is under the custody of the big temple, and just knowing that the miko is in this country is enough to please the general population.

The miko is such a special being, that her presence alone brings a sense of security.

Having that said, the miko has not been shown to the public yet.

Rather, the miko’s manners aren’t good enough for her to be shown to the public.

Reports say that she can’t be seen acting the way she does, even considering she is only seven years old.

The miko is displeased, but she cannot stay the way she is.

The first person to be blamed was the young woman that was put in charge of her education.

She was expelled as a result of all the things happening in the country.

Now, people are arguing over who should be the next educator.

Someone who will displease the miko has no place in this country.

Many people are afraid of divine punishment, and there has been a lot of discussion on how to proceed from now on.


I think this being is a double-edged sword.

The miko offers blessings, and the miko offers threats.

The country that manages to secure the miko is promised to be prosperous.

That is what is said, but is it really true I cannot help but doubt it, seeing the current state of my country.

Although I am the fifth princess, I am still royalty in this country.

I have no way of knowing if I will stay in this country after I am married, but I like the country where I was born and raised, and I do not want to see misfortunes befalling it.

As the fifth princess, I am in a position of relative freedom, so I can sneak out to the town surrounding the castle, and my experiences doing so lead me to love the citizens of this country.

Is there anything I can do

As I think that, something happens.

My father is calling for me.

My father is the king, and he is a busy person.

His governmental affairs are numerous and varied, and that, combined with the fact that I am only the fifth princess, leads him to get involved with me as little as possible.

I think it’s the same for all the princes and princesses, except the legitimate ones.

That is what family relations of royalty and nobility are like.

Still, why would my father call for me in these troubled times I am puzzled as a waiting maid takes me to my father.

“The fifth princess, Ninaev Fairy, is here.

How may I be of assistance”

“You’re here, Nina.”

My father uses my nickname.

The king is looking down at me.

It has been a long time since I’ve last seen him.

We are related by blood, but we do not meet frequently.

“Nina, I have a request for you.”

“…A request for me, father”

I ask without thinking.

My father has never said such a thing to me.

“I want you to admonish the miko.”

“…Miss Alice”

“Yes, she might listen if it comes from royalty like you.

We have reached the conclusion that everything that has been happening to this country is a result of the miko’s anger.

I want you to admonish miss Alice, and contain her anger.”

A thought pops into my head as I listen to my father.

I am just like the woman that was discarded.

I was chosen for this role because, as the fifth princess, I am a part of royalty that can be discarded without much issue.

If it was just about admonishing the miko, any other member of royalty could do it, but the person in question may have to be discarded if they upset the miko, and that is why I was chosen.

I am well aware of this, and answer my father.

“I accept this royal command.”

I love this country, and that is why I want to do what I can.

Also, this is the first time my father has asked anything of me in this manner.

I do not know what future lies ahead of me after I reprimand her, but I have decided I am going to admonish her.

—A princess makes a decision

(The fifth princess makes a decision, knowing it may lead to her being discarded.)


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