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Chapter 154 – Girl and grandma – Part three

Grandma says her lifespan is running out.

If she says so herself, it must be true.

I think that’s really sad, but every living being has to die someday, and I want grandma to go in peace.

I love grandma, so I want her to enjoy the time she has left.

She says she doesn’t have long, so I talk to everyone about how to make it so her final days are enjoyable.

Not that any of us knows for sure how long she has.

“Let’s cook, for grandma.”


Good idea.”

I think it’s a good idea to make something tasty that grandma can eat even though she’s not feeling well.

I make preparations with Kayu and Minomi.

Just thinking about grandma going away makes me very sad, but I decide to try not to look sad in front of her.

I want to smile and make her feel at ease like she does for me.

Scifo starts a fire, and we start making soup.

Miss Lan wanted to help at first, but she is bad at cooking, so she is going to try to do something else for grandma.

Kayu and Shinomi don’t say anything about grandma going away.

I think it’s because they’ll feel too sad and start crying if they do talk about it.

I don’t say anything either.

We just think about how to make these days enjoyable for her.

We asked mister Villa and the other winged people not to come for a while.

Maybe our feelings of wanting to say goodbye by ourselves influenced it, but ever since we asked them not to come, they stopped being able to find our village even if they try to come here.

The miko’s power really is strange…

After we’re done making soup for grandma, we take it to her.

“Thank you.”

Grandma happily smiles.

I really like seeing her smile.

Looking at people smile in general makes me happy.

Grandma has been in bed ever since she collapsed.

It’s not like she can’t get up and walk, but apparently it’s hard on her body.

Looking at her there reminds me that she’s going away, and it makes me sad, but I try to hold that back.

She taught me a lot, and always looked at me with a kind smile.

Grandma always watched over us.

When I think back to the kind days I spent with her, it reminds me once again of how much I love her.

But it’s not just me.

Everyone here loves grandma, and everyone comes to see her.



I go see grandma many times, and there are always people around.

Everyone is worried about her.

As time passes, I notice that she’s slowly starting to look less well.

But still, grandma knows that it’s her time to go, so she never looks sad.

She looks happy every time we visit.

I love that kind smile.

“Grandma… I love you.”

“Thank you Lerunda.

I love you too…”


I’m not going to have a lot more opportunities to say this to her.

I feel like saying it even more as that thought pops into my mind.

Everyone dies eventually… That means if I have the opportunity to tell someone how I feel, I should do it.

Every living being dies eventually.

We all have a limited time here, and grandma’s is up.

My life will end one day too.

Thinking about this fills me with motivation to live my life with no regrets.

I want this happy and peaceful life to never end, but nothing lasts forever.

But if things have to change, I want to work to make it so the changes that do happen are good ones.

I also realize that since everyone’s life ends eventually, this won’t be the last time I’ll have to say goodbye to someone.

Two weeks later, everyone gathers around grandma, and we all say goodbye to her with a smile.



After grandma passed away, all of us who worked to make her last days as enjoyable as possible shed tears.

It’s really sad to think she isn’t with us anymore.

I’m never going to see her smile or hear her voice ever again.

This reality is very sad.

But I’m sure she left happy.

She went on her next journey with a smile on her face.

It was a very peaceful death.

She didn’t die all of a sudden like mister Athos, it was more like her life was just ending.

Miss Lan says that dying peacefully because your life span’s just ran out is a very happy thing.

It’s sad when people die, but it’s a happy thing when they die peacefully.

I can’t help but be scared of dying.

I want to live more and stay here with everyone, but I hope I can become more mature, and face my death calmly like grandma.

I love grandma.

We’ll work together and do our best not to worry you grandma, so keep watching over us.

—Girl and grandma – Part three

(The miko says goodbye to a very important person, and grandma sets out on her next journey peacefully.)


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