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Chapter 150 – Prince and worry

The chaos in the kingdom of Fairytrof has died down.

There is still some discord, but it seems the new king has no plans to invade my country, the kingdom of Migha.

I ignored my father’s written order.

I am not going to kill the slaves causing an uproar like he ordered.

In fact, I am giving them refuge while pretending to kill them.

Surely my father has no idea this is going on, or I would have been killed already.

However… There is also the possibility that he is letting me do this, which is honestly a frightening thought.

To me, my father is an absolute being, and the most terrifying being in the world.

Had I not met Nina, I would have never thought to go against him, but now I am following my own will and ignoring his orders.

I am following my heart and working against the idea that people of other races should be treated as lesser beings and enslaved.

I am positive that the girl I met before is the real miko.

According to Nina, the real miko is the twin sister of the girl that was made out to be the miko, and her name is Lerunda.

It was reported to me that when it seemed like my subordinates were going to kill that beast boy, he uttered that name, so there is little doubt she is the miko.

If that girl really is the miko… That means she is alive.

She is in that unexplored forest, or perhaps even in a country beyond it.

At the very least I think it is safe to say she is alive, as the miko would not die so easily.

I think I need to take the supposed dead beast people to her.

That will do little to change the situation in Migha, but I still want to follow my heart and do something.

I want to give continuation to the change Nina sparked inside me.

I think I should take some of my subordinates whom I can trust, and have them deliver the beast people.

Although I do not know if they can take the beast people through that land, since it is full of monsters, and they might die along the way, I want to give them that option.

When I apologize to them and tell them how I really feel, they look at me with distrust.

I have done a lot to enslave people like them, even if it did hurt my heart.

Some come at me to strike me, but after I repeat myself many times, it seems they understand.

They say they want to accept my proposal and go to the miko, saying it is safer than staying in this country, but they also say everyone has to go, and they want to save their captured comrades.

For now, I will make preparations to send some people to where the miko is.

I do not know what will come of it, but we agree that it is better than doing nothing.

In the midst of this, I learn about a strange cat person.

This beast person is being kept by the daughter of a count, who likes his appearance a lot.

It seems he is pretending to be on her side, and not on the side of other beast people.

I have a bad feeling about this cat beast person, who others say cut down other beast people and flatters humans for his own sake.

I hear he treated other people badly under orders from this noble lady, and lets her touch his ears and tail for his own safety, something that usually would not be allowed.

I also hear he has been gathering other beast people to show off how well he is treated.

With that said, the area in which he can act in this country is slowly increasing.

The nobles around this daughter of a count think of him as a good pawn.

Is there not something strange about all this

None of the beast people he gathered have been killed, and although the beast people I have spoken to call him a traitor, I feel as though there is more to this.

They say he is endearing himself to human nobles for his own sake, but that does not seem to be the case.

I become a little curious, and that curiosity increases the more I hear about him.

Could it be that he is actually working for the sake of these beast people If that is the case, I want to get in contact with him.

Still… If I do contact him, my theory is wrong, and my activities are exposed, I will be killed or imprisoned.

If this cat beast person truly only cares about himself, I will be done for.

I am left pondering if I should attempt to get in touch with him.

—Prince and worry

(The prince is acting in accordance with his own wishes, and is conflicted about a cat beast person.)


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