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Chapter 15 – Girl and the beast people’s village – Part two

Mister Athos and Gaius guided us to a simple wooden house, with a big entrance, so the gryphons can get in.

They remodeled this empty house so we can comfortably stay here.

“Thank… You.”

I say thank you, and enter the house with Gaius and mister Athos.

It only has the bare minimum inside, but I’m really happy about being offered a place where I can stay.

The little gryphons are entering with us, while the adult gryphons say they want to make a nest outside.

Wason is staying with us to watch the little gryphons and me, while the five remaining adult gryphons are flying somewhere to prepare the nest.

Reimar really stands out, flying with her golden feathers.

Scifo is taking it easy outside.

“What are the gryphons doing”

“Building a nest.”

“I see.”


The gryphons, have names”

I said to mister Athos without thinking, because I noticed that mister Athos only calls them gryphons.

They all have names, and they’re all different.

“…Ah, the names you use, Lerunda”

“Did you give them those names Lerunda”

Said mister Athos and Gaius.


They have names, so I think they should be called by their names.

I like to be called by my name too.

No one called me by my name in the village, so I’m happy when people say Lerunda.

Mister Athos and Gaius say they don’t want to be disrespectful… But the little gryphons say ‘Gurugururururu (I want to be called by the name Lerunda gave me)’, so they are going to start using their names.

Later, the villagers welcomed us once again.

The next day, I decide to ask Gaius if there is anything that even I can do.

He says kids can do all sorts of things to help, so I decide that I’m going to help around the village.

I don’t have a lot of experience dealing with people, so I’m nervous about asking the villagers if they want help, but I’ll do my best.

But first, Gaius is taking me by the hand to introduce me to the other kids.

I’ve never walked hand in hand with another person like this.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of firsts ever since I met Gaius, and I probably wouldn’t be here right now if I never met him.

I came all the way here because Gaius just happened to hear me and Scifo singing.

Coincidences can be amazing.

There are thirty beast people living in the village, and seven of them are children, including Gaius, he said while pulling my arm.

To me, that’s a lot of people.

Gaius is my first friend.

Will the other six be my friends too I never even had one friend, so can I make that many so suddenly


The word alone makes me feel excited and happy.

Will they be my friends

Gaius is my friend, but what about the other six

“What’s wrong”

Gaius asks while squeezing my hand.

“…Will they be my friends

“The people we’re going to see now”


“Are you anxious It’s alright.

I’m here, so you don’t have to worry so much.”

Gaius is smiling, while patting my head with his other hand.

Gaius is nice, and his niceness feels warm.

“Patting my head makes me feel better.”

“I see, that’s great.”


Thank you.”

I was feeling a little uneasy, but Gaius’s smile makes me feel at ease.

Now that I’m feeling better, I decide to do my best.

After a while, we meet the other kids.

Everyone is looking my way as Gaius introduces me, and it makes me nervous.

This is a village of wolf beast people, so the kids are all wolf beast people too, although their colors are different.

There are two girls and four boys.

They are a little cautious, but with Gaius’s help, me and the two girls can talk and be friendly.

The four boys are still keeping some distance.

My hair is very long, so one of the boys pulls it a little, and Gaius gets mad at him.

It’s true that I didn’t cut it.

The front is long too, so I really feel I should cut it.

When I was in the village, no one would do it for me, so I cut it myself.

I had no other way to cut my long hair.

I completely forgot about it when I was abandoned and started living with the gryphons.

As we all go our separate ways after spending some time talking, I’m thinking it would be nice if I could slowly become more friendly with the boys too.

I tellGaius I want to cut my hair, and he calls his father.

I say I’ve been cutting it on my own, but he insists that he wants to cut it.

And so, he does.

“Does it look good”

I ask Gaius, to which he responds ‘Y-yes’, which makes me feel like it probably does.

—Girl and the beast people’s village – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko starts her life in the beast people’s village.)


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