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Chapter 145 – Girl and the priest’s adoration

I managed to close the distance between me and Phyto a little, and become friends.

I’m feeling happy and warm inside.

I’m told the adults are going to discuss Phyto’s situation more later.

When I tell miss Lan we’ve become friends, she smiles and tells me it’s nice.

Miss Lan takes a lot of notes about the village, so we can use them to improve it.

Her head works really fast.

I admire her because she found what she wants to do, and when she’s learning something, she gets completely absorbed in it.

It’s been two days since I became friends with Phyto, and I’m now going to see mister Ilma and miss Shehan.

People say they’re dangerous because we don’t know what they might do if we let them walk around freely, so they spend most of their time in the same room too.

Apparently mister Ilma keeps saying he wants to periodically pay his respects to me, so I go see them sometimes.

It’s not like anything is going to happen just because he looks at me but…

I don’t really like being looked at as special in that way, but he only sees me as ‘the miko’.

The beast people I like so much and the elves we met later all worship gryphons and spirits, but treat me normally.

I’m just Lerunda to them.

Miss Lan also cares about me.

But the more people we meet, the more people there will be that treat me as ‘the miko’ and see me as something to be worshiped.

But it’s fine, I have everyone here with me.

The gryphons, Scifo, and Freinet are my family, and beast people like Gaius and mister Dongu, elves like mister Sileva, and miss Lan are my friends.

Everyone is here for me, so it’s fine if other people look at me that way.

In the end, nothing changes the fact that I’m the miko.

I have special powers, and I decided to use them to protect everyone.

I ask mister Ilma and miss Shehan a lot of questions.

Things that a priest and an adventurer would know about, but I don’t, and they answer them.

Having more people around means having more, different ways of thinking, and more information.

I’ve learned that there are a lot of things that are obvious and common sense to me that are not so obvious to other people.


Mister Ilma says very bad things about my sister, who was taken to the temple as the miko.

He says she is very selfish, and her personality doesn’t match her beautiful appearance.

He also compliments me at the same time.

Honestly, I don’t like her or dislike her.

I think indifferent is the right word.

I’m sure most people would say the difference in the way we were treated was awful.

Back in the village where I was born, I didn’t feel things that I’m completely used to feeling now.

Back then, it was natural for my sister and I to not receive the same treatment, because she was special and I wasn’t.

Mister Ilma showers me with compliments, but that’s just because I’m the miko.

He wouldn’t be doing that if I wasn’t.

Even if he complimented my appearance, he would actually think my sister is prettier.

He wouldn’t be complimenting me if I wasn’t the miko, but then again, if I wasn’t the miko, I wouldn’t have formed a contract with my family or made it this far.

Being the miko is probably a part of me, and something I can’t detach myself from.

“Miss Lerunda, I want to make your wishes come true.

I want to do something to help you.”

Mister Ilma says that a lot, but I think these words are dangerous.

What if he really agrees with everything I say, and does something bad

What if I say something cruel, or something that’s very wrong

Mister Ilma has been excited ever since we met, and doesn’t seem to calm down.

I feel he really wants to do something for me, but what I want is for us to talk after he calms down… The mister Ilma that’s not this excited is probably the real mister Ilma.

Miss Shehan is a lot calmer.

She’s with mister Ilma, but just calls me Lerunda.

I like that a lot more, but he looks like he wants to say something every time she calls me Lerunda.

Every time I meet him I wish he would contain his excitement, and become more cool-headed…

—Girl and the priests adoration

(The miko is at a loss in regards to the priest’s adoration, and wishes he would be calmer.)


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