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Chapter 143– Girl and hostage – Part two

Does Phyto really not care if she doesn’t get to see people from her village I feel some loneliness in her eyes.

Does she actually want to be friendly with the villagers

Does she want to get along with everyone not as the daughter of god, but as Phyto

“Phyto… You actually want, to be friends with the villagers.



“I get how you feel.

In the village where I was born, people didn’t say my name.

They called me ‘that’, or ‘the sister’, but now people call me by my name, and that makes me really happy.

You want to be called by your name too.



“If you didn’t care about the villagers, you wouldn’t have let yourself, become a hostage without resisting.

You did it for them, right”


Phyto says with a lonely expression.

“Then let’s do our best, so people accept you as Phyto, and not the daughter of god.

I’ll help you.”

“…Lerunda, you’re more special than me, but people see you as Lerunda.

I think the two people behind you, care about you a lot.

If I could also get people, to look at me like that…”

Phyto really can’t see Freinet at all, so she only mentions Gaius and mister Dongu.


I also want people to look my way, even if I don’t have any powers.

If possible… I want people to care about me even though I am just a regular person.”

Says Phyto.

She wants to live as a regular girl, not the daughter of god.

I think we’re not so different.

I was treated differently compared to my sister, and people only saw me as ‘that’ or ‘the sister’.

Phyto is seen not as a regular person, but as the daughter of god.

I like that people look my way and call me by my name, and I want Phyto to feel that happiness too.


“Phyto… Let’s be friends.”

If she’s lonely, having friends will make her feel better,


“Yes, so you can laugh as just Phyto with me.”


Phyto nods.

“I’ll be your friend too.

Mister Dongu, can Phyto really not leave this place from now on”

Gaius is listening to us, and interjects before asking mister Dongu a question.


I said without thinking that I’ll help her make her people see her as Phyto, but she’s here as a hostage, so she can’t move around freely.

I just said it without thinking…

I’ve been given permission to come talk to her, but she still can’t leave.

“…We are going to have to discuss that later.

Still, if this girl has no powers, she will probably be allowed to go outside, even if she will be under watch.

I have no problem with you two being her friends, but… I don’t really want to say this, but we have no way of knowing if she isn’t lying.

You should be a little more suspicious of other people, or you will be easily fooled.”

Mister Dongu has a point.

My intuition is somehow telling me Phyto isn’t lying, but I can’t deny that there are people in this world that tell lies.

I really do have to be a little less trusting.

“Phyto… If you can go outside, I’ll show you places, I like.”

“Yes… But it’s fine, even if I can’t leave, because you say you’ll be my friends.

I’ll be waiting, but it’s fine either way.”

Phyto is more mature than me.

She accepts the current situation, and says it’s fine if she can’t go outside.

As I listen to her, I realize once again that I have to learn to think more about things before speaking.



Afterwards, Gaius and I talk with Phyto a lot, as mister Dongu watches from the back.

Later I learn that he spoke with the other adults about what Phyto said about not being the daughter of god.

I hope she can go outside.

I want to show her the place where I pray, and introduce her to Kayu and the others.

I also think it would be great if we could reach a compromise with her people.

—Girl and hostage – Part two

(The miko becomes friends with the hostage girl.)


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