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Chapter 132 – Girl and priest – Part two

This priest calls me miko without hesitating.

I can’t respond right away because I’m so surprised, and he continues speaking.

“Miss miko, I am so glad to see you are doing well, and I cannot apologize enough.

It was our mistake that made you have to hide yourself in this forest.

For me, the fact that you are standing before me is in itself nothing short of a miracle.

I wanted so much to meet miss miko, you…”

“Ilma wait.

You’re giving her the creeps.”

Says the swordsman, and the priest stops.

I breathe a sigh of relief, and speak to the priest.

“Why are you sure, I’m the miko… We’ve never, met.”

I’ve never met this priest, and it’s never been confirmed that I’m the miko in the first place.

And yet this priest is sure I’m the miko.

“You are the miko.

When I saw the divine message, it was you I saw, no doubt about it.

When I saw you, I could only see the miko.”

“Are you one of the priests that received the divine message I heard the priests that received the divine message still haven’t awakened.

Are you saying you are one of them”

“Yes, exactly.

I met Alice shortly after waking up, but she had blond hair, and not the brown hair I saw in the divine message.

After receiving the divine message, we could only hang on long enough to say a few things, such as the whereabouts of the miko, but we could never have imagined that the miko’s parents would hide her existence and abandon her.

You are her educator, Landouno Stoffer I presume.

Certainly you were also guided to the miko, to stand by her side.

Ahh, I can barely contain my excitement.

I can hardly believe I am actually standing before the miko.

You seem to have a connection with this spirit, and I assume the sky horse and gryphon behind you are also your apostles How mystical.

Miss miko, I ask for nothing more than to be allowed to remain by your side and serve you.”

He talks a lot and very fast.

I can’t understand half of it.

He’s also too excited, and it’s a little scary.

I know he’s not a bad person, but it startles me a little.

“…The miko you’re going on about is creeped out.

Don’t scare the poor kid.”

“Oh, how could I have done such a thing I never meant to scare, you miss miko!”

“I get that you’re happy about meeting the miko, but calm yourself!”

Says the swordsman to the priest, who is still excited.

“By the way, why is someone in your position with a priest”

“Ah, I was hired by the temple to be a part of a party put together to secure the miko and take her to the temple.

But Ilma kept wanting to sneak into the forest and I… Had some interest of my own in this being known as the miko.

I figured they would point fingers at me if Ilma just disappeared, so I decided to go with him.

I was also interested in Ilma but…

I couldn’t catch the last part, because she said it quietly.

But the way she keeps peeking over at the priest named Ilma, who is still looking directly at me, makes me think that maybe she likes him.

I’m a little scared because he stares too much.

“H-hum, mister Ilma…”

“Yes miss miko!”

“Hum, my name, is Lerunda.

I like, my name more.”

“Miss Lerunda then! Understood!!”

“I’m not sure, I’m the miko.”

“No, you most certainly are the miko.

Every ounce of my being tells me you are the miko!!”

“I-I see.”

“Yes! I will do anything miss Lerunda, so can you please allow me to remain by your side!”

“Hum, well…”

His eyes are sparkling, but I don’t know how to answer.

I don’t think Ilma is a bad person, and he probably really does mean well, but am I really this being called the miko This question keeps spinning around in my head.

Even if he’s not a bad person, can we take him to our village I don’t think he’s going to be my enemy, but this could also just be an act.

I don’t know what to say, and turn over to miss Lan and mister Dongu.

“Do you also feel the same way”

“If possible, I’d like to stay too.”

“Alright then.

We are going to have to ask you to wait for our answer.

Lerunda seems troubled, so do you mind if we inform you of our decision later”

“We will wait for as long as necessary, if it means staying by miss Lerunda’s side!!”

The meeting is put on hold for now.

What should we do about mister Ilma and the swordsman

—Girl and priest – Part two

(The priest declares that the girl that is probably the miko is in fact the miko.

He wants to stay by her side by all means necessary.)


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