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Chapter 13 – Girl and travel

“We’re ready.”

After twenty days, Gaius, mister Athos, and the other beast people returned.

The beast people with them are the ones that were here previously.

“So, can we go”

“Yes, it’s alright.”

“Thank you.”

I wonder what their village is like.

The only place I know where people live is the village where I was born and raised.

I’m a little anxious, but having everyone with me makes me feel better.

I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

Honestly, I always thought I would die having never left the village where I was born and raised.

There were times when I didn’t receive food, and thought I was going to die right there.

Instead, I was abandoned, left the village, and now I’m going to a village of beast people.

It feels weird.

“Thank you… For having us.”

I say, as I lower my head.

We will be under their care, so I think it’s appropriate to lower my head.

I’ve seen people in the village do the same thing when they were in someone else’s care, so it’s probably not wrong.


So how are you going to travel, Lerunda”

“I’m going with Scifo.

There’s something… I want you to see.”

When we made plans to go, we decided I’m going with Scifo.

We also decided that it would be faster if the gryphons carry the beast people back to their village.

The problem is that they don’t want to ride on the gryphon’s backs, so we’ve been trying to find another way.

“…What is this”

I show them the baskets the gryphons made.

Each can fit two beast people, and there are several.

It seems Lyon and Yuin in particular like making things, and they really put their hearts into it.

The two brothers made them together, they really get along.

The baskets have strings attached to them, which the gryphons grab with their claws to lift them.

“You go in here, and the gryphons lift you.”

First I have to explain what this is.

I’m a little worried I didn’t do a good job explaining it.

Did I

“And then… You get there faster.”

I didn’t talk this much when I was in the village, so I’m not used to talking.

I can only talk like this, so in the few times when I did talk to people in the village, they would say all sorts of things to me.

I remember this making me realize how bad I was at talking, but mister Athos and Gaius never talk to me like the people in the village, no matter how I talk.

I think that’s nice.

“So if we get in here, the gryphons will carry us Is this really alright”


It’s not on their backs, but it’s like that.

They say it’s alright.”

“I see… Then we humbly accept.”

“We don’t know where it is, so tell us.”

“Yes, we’ll tell you where the village is.”

“Thank you.”

Mister Athos speaks really smoothly.

Can I become better at talking too I think as I listen to mister Athos speak.

Afterwards, we start making our way to the village, me on Scifo’s back, and the beast people in the baskets.

The adult gryphons pull the baskets by the strings, while the little gryphons do their best to fly after them.

I’m a little scared of flying too high, but we can’t fly very high anyway because the little gryphons are with us.

Scifo and the gryphons are really great, flying through the sky like this.

The weather is nice and sunny today, and the wind feels nice.

I feel very happy, so before I know it…


I start humming quietly.

Singing while feeling the wind is fun.

I thought I was singing quietly, but the little gryphons heard me, and joined me.

Gaius and the others were startled inside the baskets.

We progress through the forest while singing, without being attacked by other monsters.

I feel a presence from time to time, but it seems whatever it is runs right away.

Maybe it’s because the gryphons are here, I don’t really understand.

I don’t know anything about places far from the gryphon’s nest, so I’m having fun looking around.

We’re stopping by a river we saw on the way, to drink some water and rest.

Sinorn is feeling a little sick.

Apparently traveling inside the basket is making her feel unwell.

I gave her some water and she thanked me.

So some people feel bad when they’re moving… I’ve never felt bad while riding Scifo, so I had no idea there were people like that.

Sinorn is feeling a little better, so we’re continuing our journey, and after a few hours, I see our destination.

—Girl and travel

(The girl that is probably the miko heads towards the beast people’s village.)


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