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 Chapter 125 – Princess and what the sister wants to do

I talk a lot with Alice after she wakes up, and learn more about her and her sister.

They are twin sisters, but it’s very clear to me that they never spent much time together.

In fact, Alice and miss Lerunda were treated differently to the point where Alice never thought of her as her sister.

It seems miss Lerunda was treated very badly.

The fact that Alice only called her ‘that’ makes it very clear.

It seems I was wrong about the miko’s divine punishment.

I have always thought that mistreating the miko would lead to immediate divine punishment, but that does not seem to be the case for Alice or her parents.

What exactly is the standard for what receives divine punishment and does not

I do not understand this, but what I do understand is that the lightning strikes and bad harvests are most definitely not divine punishment from the miko herself.

I think it is simply that our country lost the miko, and thus lost the positive effects that came with her presence.

My brothers also know this, and say they can get the kingdom of Fairytrof back on its feet.

It seems the higher ups of the great temple are under fire as well for making such a mistake about a noble being like the miko.

I hear that some have disappeared, and others ended their lives.

They say that of all the priests that saw the divine message only one has awakened, and he left on a journey to find the real miko.

None of the others have awakened yet, even though it has been two years since they received the divine message.

Receiving the divine message certainly takes a big toll on a person’s body.

Some say they may even die in that weakened state.

It is thought that the one priest that did wake up, Ilma, either has very strong faith, or high compatibility with god.

The temple has lost track of this priest, and the great priest that gave him instructions has also disappeared.

I will leave that to my brothers for now.

I need time to talk to Alice.

“…What should I do now”

Alice asks suddenly.

“I always thought it was natural for everyone to listen to what I said, so I always just did whatever I wanted.

I thought it was fine because I was special… But now I see I’m not.”

Alice always thought people tolerated her selfishness because she was special.

This all felt completely natural to her because that was what the environment around her led her to believe.

“I think I caused a lot of trouble.

I always thought everyone should love me, but now I know that’s wrong.

That’s why people hate me now.”

“…Yes, some people even say you should be executed.”

I have no intention of lying to her now that she understands her position.

She also states again that she always thought everything happening around her was natural.

I do not believe she was born this foolish.

Her environment and people telling her she was special made her believe she could do whatever she wanted.

“But I do not believe responsibility lies with you alone.

You can start over.

Alice… What do you want to do from now on”

“What I want to do…”


I want to help you start over, so can you tell me what you want to do”

“…I’ve been very selfish and always did what I wanted, and everyone else always listened to me…”

Says Alice with a gloomy expression.

She is very beautiful, so I am a little taken aback even though I am also a girl.

Her appearance is very beautiful and somewhat mystical, which added to the fact that her twin sister is the miko, created this whole situation.

“So… yes, I want to listen to other people’s selfish… No, wishes, and help them even if it’s just a little.

Even if they’re just small wishes… Yes, because people listened to my selfishness a lot.”

Alice says she wants to give back by listening to other people’s wishes even if just a little.

“And… I want to talk to my sister, Lerunda.”

—Princess and what the sister wants to do

(The princess and the sister talk about what the sister wants to do.)


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