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Chapter 124 – Girl and transformation – Part two

Gaius’ body starts shining after he focuses his magic energy, and when I open my eyes, I see his transformation.

What I see in front of me is a huge beast.

Huge compared to me and Gaius at least, but not as big as an adult.

A beast with beautiful silver fur replaced Gaius after he started shining.

I quickly realize that this is actually Gaius.

Gaius turned into a wolf.

He’s a wolf beast person, so he always had the ears and tail of a wolf, but now he’s one hundred percent wolf.

“Gauu (Did something happen)”

Apparently this wolf doesn’t understand what happened.

I can understand what he’s saying, just like when Reimar first transformed.

“Gaius… Wolf…”

I say.

The elf that’s with us and Scifo also sound surprised as they watch Gaius suddenly start shining and turn into a wolf.

Meanwhile, all I do is stare.

I know the beautiful beast in front of me is Gaius, so I’m not even a little bit scared .

“Gau Gauuuuu gau.

(Wolf Wait, when I speak only gaugau comes out.)”

“You’ve turned, into a wolf.


“Gau (Eh)”

Gaius looks at his own body.

“Gaugaugaugau! (I’ve turned into a wolf!)”

“Yes, a beautiful wolf.”

Gaius looks like a beautiful, noble wolf.

I’ve never seen a wolf that looks so beautiful.

I just want to start petting him right now but I hold it back.

“Gaius, you can do more things now.

That’s great.”


(Thank you Lerunda.)”

“Why, are you thanking me”


(I’m sure it’s thanks to you that I can do this.)”

I think this happened because I wished for it, but I don’t really think it’s something I should be thanked for.

“L-Lerunda Is that wolf Gaius”


Gaius changed, with magic energy.”


Says the elf with an amazed tone.

It looks like he’s shaking a little too.

I think he’s a little scared of wolf Gaius.


(The magic energy surrounding Gaius is incredible.)

“Is it”

It doesn’t feel that way to me, but Scifo says Gaius’ magic energy is incredible to the point where other beings are afraid to get close to him.

To me, it feels comfortable and relaxing.

“Gaius, can you turn, back”

I start to get a little concerned that he won’t be able to go back to how he was.


(I’ll try.)”

Says Gaius, and it doesn’t take long for him to turn back to normal.

Gaius, now back to his normal body, sits on the ground.


Gaius suddenly falling back like this scares me.

He looks pale.

“What’s wrong”

“I think turning into a wolf uses a lot of magic energy… I felt really tired when I turned back.”

“I see…”

I nod as I once again think about how incredible it is that he can turn into a wolf.

People turning into beasts is definitely not normal, but Gaius can do it.

It’s only natural that it needs so much magic energy.

I really wasn’t expecting this.

I just thought Gaius was going to use magic of one of the elements.

“Scifo, can you, take Gaius”


(No problem.)”

I put Gaius on top of Scifo.

We should return to the village, because Gaius used all his magic energy.

I also get on top of Scifo, behind Gaius to make sure he doesn’t fall.

Having the elf ride too would be too much, so he walks next to us.

We return to the village without rushing.

Mister Dongu and miss Lan notice that Gaius looks exhausted, and run over to us to ask what happened.

I tell them something they would never expect.

Gaius turned into a wolf.


“Well, that sort of transformation is not…”

Miss Lan and mister Dongu react.

“It is said that our ancestors could transform into a wolf form at will… I see, so Gaius…”

Says mister Dongu.

Current beast people can’t turn into beasts, but apparently their ancestors could.

Mister Dongu says he doesn’t know how much something like this will affect the village.

—Girl and transformation – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko sees the beast boy turn into a beautiful wolf.

It’s not known what effect this will have.)


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