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Chapter 123 – Girl and transformation – Part one

A girl that is about three years older than me is being kept hostage here.

From what I hear, she holds a special position among those people.

They have tattoos on their faces, and apparently they’re a way for them to show their devotion to god.

I guess there are many different ways for people around the world to express their faith.

The tattoos themselves have meanings too.

The idea of tattoos is scary to me, but to them it’s something natural.

I want to try to accept that culture.

That girl, Phyto, is said to be able to communicate with god, but I don’t actually hear how.

I’m said to be the miko, but I can’t talk to god or anything.

Will I be able to do that one day

I don’t know, but for now I’m just going to continue offering my prayers and reports.

I need to understand my power better and use it well.

I tell miss Lan and the others about it, and they’re supportive.

Gaius, the little gryphons, and the other beast people and elves also say they want to understand what I can do better.

Because of this, I go outside the village with Gaius, an adult elf, and Scifo.

We’re in the forest.

There’s something very relaxing about being able to feel nature like this.

I really like how the area where we started our village is full of nature.

I can’t predict what will happen, but I hope we can stay here.

“I can do… Holy magic, wind magic, physical strengthening magic… And there’s, the contracts I formed.”

“And me… My physical abilities have gotten better, and I can use physical strengthening magic now…”

“Reimar, got stronger, when she changed colors too.”

“Is that all Is that even everything you can do when it comes to that”

“I don’t know.

Reimar, got bigger, but you haven’t.”

I talk with Gaius about what we can do.

First we need to know what we can do, and then set up goals.

I want to slowly learn how to do more things.

The elf that came to the forest with us is hard at work practicing magic.

The spirit tree isn’t done yet.

I send magic energy into it every day, but the spirits are still sleeping, including the ones that formed contracts with the elves.

The elves want to get strong enough to use magic even when the spirits are resting.

Everyone is working hard to improve little by little.

They’re all working towards reaching our goal, and not sitting still.

This fills me with motivation too.

I tell Gaius about an idea I have.

“Gaius, do you want to try, focusing your magic energy”

“What will that do”

“I don’t, know… But I think, you’ll be able to, use magic.”

Gaius makes kind of a strange face, and I can’t tell what he’s thinking.

He probably doesn’t think he can use magic aside from physical strengthening.

I just can’t help but feel he can use magic.

“I see… I’ll try then.”

He says, and closes his eyes just like I tell him before starting to concentrate his magic energy.

I can sort of feel his magic energy covering his body.

It feels warm, and feeling warm magic energy makes me happy.

What shape will his magic energy take What kind of magic will it be I think if he really focuses on it, it will turn into magic of one of the attributes.

But the result I see is very different from what I expected.

Gaius’ body starts shining, and I’m surprised by what I see next.

—Girl and transformation – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko works with the beast boy to increase the things she can do.

What did she see)


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