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Chapter 109 – Girl and people – Part one

After finding that group of people and talking about them, I go pray like usual and sleep in my own house.

I keep thinking about them, but I can’t do anything about it now, and I fall asleep.

The next day, the situation changes again.

After waking up, I see mister Dongu and the others talking with grave looks on their faces.

I walk towards them and ask mister Dongu what happened.

Last night, some people stayed with those exhausted people to watch over them, but they were attacked.

My mind goes blank as I hear this.

Who Why Before I actually ask, mister Dongu answers, with a serious look on his face.

“Their friends misunderstood what was happening and attacked.”



We were watching over them to make sure they weren’t attacked, but from their friends’ point of view, we were a group of beast people surrounding their friends, so they attacked.”

“And, then”

I’m anxious.

Being attacked is very dangerous, and people can get hurt.

Thinking about anyone getting hurt scares me, and the thought of losing someone scares me even more.

“We caught the attackers and explained everything.

No one was hurt, so you don’t have to look so worried.”

“…But then, why do you look, so serious”

“Ah, there were quite a lot of them.

Apparently they were driven from their homes like us.

I do want to help them, but we can’t take them into our village under these circumstances.

I’m afraid that it will collapse.”

I listen to mister Dongu.

When mister Athos passed away, mister Dongu started doing his absolute best to take charge and lead everyone.

He’s really nice, I know that, and I know that he really does want to help them.

“We accepted you because you were accompanied by gryphons, and Lan because she was alone.

And we could accept people back in our village.

But we just built this village, and it could collapse someday.”


“We don’t even know what they are thinking.

We can’t take them in under these conditions, but we can’t just turn them away either.

They might attack and try to take the village from us.

I hope they just leave, but… If they stick around, there is a high chance that this won’t end peacefully.”

He says they might try to take our peaceful village.

That it would be good if they left, and it would be a problem if they stayed.

He also says that if they stay, this probably won’t end peacefully.

And the person that brought this problem to the village that is troubling mister Dongu so much is none other than me.

Maybe I should’ve just saved them and left.

Maybe I should’ve done nothing.

I don’t know what the best choice would’ve been.

No, there probably isn’t a ‘best’ choice.

What’s right and wrong isn’t set in stone, and it can even depend on who you ask.

I keep thinking about what I should do.

I saved them and told them about the village.

That’s done, and nothing can be done about that.

So what should I do

“Mister Dongu… What do you mean, it won’t end, peacefully”

“That we will have to fight.

If we do fight, we’ll probably have to make sure they can’t attack us again, or the fights may drag on forever.

As a result, people on this side will probably die.

This is a very real possibility.

We did explain everything to the attackers, but who knows how things will turn out”

I’m scared of the idea of fighting breaking out.

I don’t want people here to get hurt.

No, not just people here, I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Maybe I really am naive.

I’m probably the miko, so there haven’t been many times when I’ve seen people being hurt.

Mister Oshashio said so too.

But if I’m going to create a place where people can be at peace, I can’t be naive like that.

People being cut down and hurt is something that happens all the time in this world.

Us and those people.

I have to keep thinking about what to do.

I want to protect these people that are so dear to me.

As I think about that, it’s midday, and Reimar reports to us that those people are moving in a suspicious way.


—Girl and people – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko ears of an attack, thinks deeply, and hears the gryphon’s report.)


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