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Chapter 106 – Girl and help

I know the world isn’t filled with nothing but good people.

If everyone was nice, mister Athos would still be alive, and we wouldn’t have had to run away from our home.

It’s a sad reality, but still, I can’t just ignore people being attacked.

These people being attacked are wearing strange clothes I’ve never seen before, and it looks like they have bruises on their faces.

But what’s more important is the monster that looks like a boar that’s attacking them.

They all seem taken aback when we suddenly descend from the sky.

We came here to protect them, but I think from their point of view we’re scarier than the monster attacking them.

To me, the gryphons are family, but I guess it’s natural for these people to see them as scary monsters.

I get a little sad thinking about this, but it can’t be helped.

We need to do something about the monster, and Kamiha, who is carrying me, charges against it.

I peek at the people who were attacked, and they still look shocked, but my focus is on the monster.

We can’t let our guard down until the threat is gone.

When the monster goes down, Freinet uses wind magic to make sure it doesn’t get up again.

We’re taking it back to the village with us.

I look at the people.

There are five of them, and their clothes are a little dirty, probably because they were running from the monster.

I realize I’m still looking down at them from atop Kamiha, and get down.

I stare at them.

I thought they had bruises and wounds on their faces, but it doesn’t look like that.

Are those drawings Tattoos I don’t really know, but it’s strange.


I get closer to them, and they don’t really react, but still look scared of me.

People tend to be scared of things they don’t really understand, and I think that’s why they’re scared of me.

So I smile.

“I’m, Lerunda.



“Wait, this girl is suspicious! She is accompanied by monsters! She is probably from the kingdom of Migha!”

Says one of them, an old man.

He says it’s suspicious that I have monsters with me, but I think I understand why.

The beast people accepted the gryphons right away because they’re like gods to them, but the elves were very wary of them.

I guess it’s natural for these people to be wary too.

And the kingdom of Migha Are they related to Migha

The kingdom of Migha is the country next to the country where I lived.

I know that they started attacking beast people’s villages to capture more slaves because the kingdom of Fairytrof got a hold of the being known as the miko.

That’s why mister Nirushi’s village was attacked and people there were enslaved, and why mister Athos died.

And it’s also why we had to run away.

We never heard of the kingdom of Migha after we ran away, or the kingdom of Fairytrof, where I lived.

We thought they might come after us, but I wasn’t expecting to hear that name here.

Why are these people deep in the woods, far away from Migha

“I’m not… From Migha.

I live in a village, near here.”

“A village Here In the forest that the kingdom treats as unexplored territory…”

I’m not someone from the kingdom of Migha, I’m from the village we all built.

Now that I think about it, we should come up with a name for it.

It’s hard to explain this.

They look surprised, but what should I say to get them to relax

As I think about this, I slowly start speaking.

“We ran away, all the way here.”

I don’t know how to explain, but I think I should make clear that we are not enemies.

“And then, we built a village, near here.

We are not Migha.

We came all this way, because of Migha.

Probably the same, as you.”

I try to tell them we have nothing to do with the kingdom of Migha, ran away because of them, and we’re probably in the same position.

When I finish, they start talking among themselves.

They speak very quietly, and I can’t hear most of it.

I want them to feel safe, so I say nothing and wait for them to finish.

The man that was the most scared before steps forward and speaks.

“…We are exhausted after a long journey.

If there really is a village, will it be possible to rest there”

I nod.

—Girl and help

(The girl that is probably the miko rescues people being attacked.

No one knows what this new encounter will bring.)


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