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Chapter 100 – Girl and prayer

I’m alone in the building where I pray to god.

I’ve been praying here every day,

I don’t think praying is a bad thing, whether or not I’m the miko.

I pray at the end of the day at a small altar, thanking the god that is probably giving me divine protection, for another peaceful day and things like that.

The little gryphons are praying with me.

I think they’re just copying what I do.

I also go pray in the other two buildings, the one where people pray to gryphons and the one where people pray to spirits, but not as often.

The building where people pray to spirits is on a tree, like it was in the elven village.

Inside, the walls have paintings of things like spirits.

I think the elves that made them are incredible.

I start wondering if I can paint too, but I probably can’t do it that well.

When I say I think the paintings are incredible, someone paints my picture too.

I tell everyone how great it is, and people start asking the elf that painted it to paint theirs too.

The painter says now he has a lot of paintings he has to do, so I start to think that maybe I did something bad.

At least he looks happy about people wanting his paintings.

In the room where people pray to gryphons there are gryphon ornaments.

There’s one for each gryphon here, and Reimar’s is golden and shiny.

The adults look a little embarrassed, but the little gryphons are really happy about it.

In the place where people pray to spirits, I pray for them to get better soon, and for all of us to get along, and in the place where people pray to gryphons, I say thank you for forming a contract with me, and hope we can all stay friends.

There are three places where people pray, but none of them have names.

The elves call theirs ‘place to offer prayers to spirits’ and the beast people ‘place to pray to gryphons’.

I think they should have proper names.

I spend my days helping people, like when I lived in the beast people’s village.

I don’t have any specific job to do or anything, except sending magic energy into the spirit tree.

Gaius is the same age as me, but he helps a lot when he goes out hunting.

I go with them when they hunt, but I can’t do much, because I still can’t use magic very well.

In the medicinal herb garden, I help miss Zeshihi and the elves that were in charge of the medicinal herb garden back in the elven village.

I help make clothes, but I can’t do it as well as the others.

I’m a little troubled because I don’t have one thing that I can say is really my job.

Miss Lan and mister Dongu are hard at work talking about what rules this new village needs.

Miss Lan wants to put that in writing and take all sorts of notes, so she wants to be able to make paper here in the village.

She’s been experimenting via trial and error.

She’s been writing what she needs on paper and other things she brought from where she came from, and she still has some, but she’s going to need to be able to make more if we’re going to stay here.

She’s working really hard.

What can I do… What is the best thing I can do The village is mostly done, so we are still going to make new buildings and other things, but I feel like everyone is already walking down their new path.

I try to think about what I can do for the village, but I can’t think of anything.

Our objectives are to make a place that’s easy to live in, and to become strong enough that we don’t have to run away again.

That’s why I’ve been training using wind magic, but I feel a little frustrated and


Everything is nice and peaceful now, but the peaceful days in the beast people’s village that I wanted to go on forever suddenly ended.

There were peaceful days in the elven village too, but there was the threat of a monster behind them.

Are we ever going to be at peace without having to run away from a threat Is that a realistic thing to think about

I started praying every day to try to calm these feelings, even though I know it’s a little selfish.

I report what happened every day, and thank god for another fun day.

This calms my heart a little.

I talk to god a lot, pray, and motivate myself to do my best.

This is how I’ve been spending my days recently.

—Girl and prayer

(The girl that is probably the miko offers prayers to god.

She reports what she did during that day and gives thanks, soothing her heart.)


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