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1563 Making Money Was Her Greatest Interest

Huo Yao looked at Min Yu after hanging up the phone.

“My senior brother wants to buy dinner.

Do you want to join us”

The moment Min Yu heard the wordssenior brother, his eyes turned dark.

He nodded and took her up on the suggestion.

He asked her quizzically.

“Why havent I heard about you having a senior brother”

Huo Yao sighed softly.

She said in a happy and equally miserable tone, “To be honest, I not only have a new senior brother, but I also have a new master.”

Min Yus lips twitched.

“Isnt that good news Isnt it good that you have someone to teach you”


You dont get it.

I wanted to relax, so this means I wont have any time for myself.” Huo Yao leaned her arm against the car window languidly like a cunning little fox.

“I thought your greatest interest was to make money, right” Min Yu certainly knew her personality well.

“Money is just a material object.

I think its more important to relax and enjoy life.” Huo Yao defended herself with a straight face.

“Naturally, its important to have money if I want to survive, right”

Min Yu raised his brow and did not react.

Although Huo Yao acted poor, she was not short of money.

Before long, the two of them arrived at the agreed restaurant.

A few minutes later, Li Chenhui also got there.

Li Chenhui was expecting to see a young woman sitting beside Huo Yao.

When he saw a good-looking man there, Li Chenhui could not help feeling a little disappointed.

“Senior Brother, this is my friend, Min Yu.” Huo Yao made the necessary introductions.

The moment Li Chenhui heard the name, he found it a little familiar but he could not put his finger on it.

He simply asked Min Yu.

“Big Bro, are you from our school”

What did he mean by big brother

Min Yus face instantly looked annoyed.

He clearly looked a lot younger than this guy here.

Huo Yao laughed out loud.

Min Yu glanced at Huo Yao expressionlessly, making her instantly stop laughing.

However, her lips continued to curve upwards slightly.

Min Yu did not know what to say.

“Nope,” replied Min Yu mildly.

Li Chenhui did not detect the change in Min Yus mood.

Instead, he spoke candidly like he already knew Min Yu well, “When I heard your name, I found it very familiar, so I thought we went to the same school.”

Min Yu simply picked up the teacup and took a sip.

Huo Yao cleared her throat and asked., “Senior Brother, you mentioned wanting to speak to me about something.

What is it”

“An academic conference is happening very soon and we still have spots for people to attend it.

Since its a rare opportunity, would you like to join us” Li Chenhui looked at Huo Yao and stopped thinking about Min Yus name.

The academic conference sounded dry and boring, so Huo Yao turned down the offer without hesitation.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.

I dont think I have enough experience to attend an academic conference.

I would rather not take up the spot.”

Li Chenhui was very confident about convincing Huo Yao to attend the conference.

He felt Huo Yao seemed very easygoing and would be open to the proposal.

The moment she turned him down, he could not help feeling surprised.

He quickly snapped out of his thoughts and continued.

“The people are invited in teams, so you wont be taking up anyones spot.

Remember what you did to help us with our work the other day Thats the main subject of discussion at the conference, so you more than qualify to attend it.”

Huo Yao promptly recalled Prof Rong telling her to join him in the laboratory the other day.

From the looks of it, he had planned to make her attend the conference at the get-go.

“Senior Brother, I really cant go.

I have lots of work waiting for me at the Biology department, so I really dont have time.

If you dont believe me, just check with my teacher.”

Huo Yao rejected Li Chenhui again.

Li Chenhui could tell she was genuinely not interested in the conference, so his face promptly collapsed.

He had already confidently told Prof Rong that he could convince Huo Yao to attend the conference.

Now that he had failed, Prof Rong would probably look down on him!

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