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The Nine Mystic Sword Sect really had the intention to fight for first place in the Western Frontier!

Today, Tuoba Cheng was determined!

A few people from the Tai Yi Sword Sect laughed.

Some of the other sects were silent, while others sent a few divine thoughts over.

The surface of the river slowly calmed down, but there were a few feet of waves even though there was no wind, and under the surface of the river, dark tides surged.

It was just like the relationship between the various sects.

Jin Ze smiled and flicked his sleeves before returning to the cabin.

“The rearrangement competition of the nine sects will begin in five days.

We wont wait for those who are late.

“The disciples of the various sects participating in the competition are not allowed to fight for the next five days.

“All sects will head to Jiayu Mountain in three days to discuss the Dao.”

The voice came from the direction of the Spiritual Dao Sect.

No one objected.

The Spiritual Dao Sect had the right to set the rules.

This rule had always been followed by the various sects.

At the very least, before the Spiritual Dao Sect was pulled down from its pedestal, rules were rules.

“Is Senior Brother Han Muye from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect here Sun Ji is here to visit.” A voice sounded from outside the Nine Mystic Sword Sects flying ship fleet.

A Daoist in a green robe stood there and cupped his hands.

“Its Sun Ji from the Floating Sun Dao Sect.

His cultivation base is at the Earth Realm, Spirit Awakening, and his combat strength is extraordinary,” someone on the flying boat whispered.

“Senior Brother Han, Wanyue has come to visit.”

“Senior Brother Han of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Du Feng would like to meet you.”

“Duan Yihong is here to see Senior Brother Han.”

Figures flew over and called out Han Muyes name.

Han Muye walked out of the cabin.

He was wearing a green robe and carried a sword box on his back.

A black sword was inserted into his hair.

This appearance was exactly the same as when he killed the demon in adversity.

However, his cultivation seemed extremely weak.

This matched the rumors, the information that the various sects had gathered, and the analysis of the cultivation method of the Sword Pavilion.

The moment they saw Han Muye, a trace of pity flashed across everyones eyes, but they all heaved a sigh of relief.

Back then, when Han Muye killed demons in the Broken Soul Wasteland, his soul turned into a sword and his entire body fused with more than 20 sword intents.

The power was so great that even a half-step Heaven Realm expert had to retreat.

If Han Muye still had the same combat strength as before, the nine sects would really not be able to fight.

The moment Han Muye walked out of the cabin, not only were these figures who came to meet him, but countless divine senses were also cast over.

Han Muyes expression was indifferent as he looked ahead.

There were 13 divine soul swords circling in his divine treasures, and each of them was dyed golden-red by the Spell of the Mortal World.

With the protection of the Spell of the Mortal World, the power in his divine treasures was something that even a Heaven Realm Out of Body cultivator could not detect.

In his Qi Sea, other than the 81 strands of Sword Intent, there was also a patch of purple will of the people.

The Central Continent was isolated from the Western Frontier, but the will of the people was incorporeal.

It penetrated the Heavenly Barrier and surged into Han Muye.

The poems on Mount Xisai, the four lines of Confucianism and Daoism on White Deer Mountain, and the battle poems outside Jinchuan.

Each of them was filled with literary energy and gathered the attention of the people.

With the will of the people, Han Muyes Qi Sea had long been filled.

The Qi of the will of the people was enough for him to become a Confucian Grandmaster.

However, the Heavenly Axiom of the Western Frontier suppressed Confucianism to begin with.

Coupled with the fact that Confucianism in the Western Frontier was not prosperous, there was no practical meaning for him to break through to the Grandmaster Realm.

He might as well slowly sharpen his morals and wait until he entered the Central Continent to break through overnight.

The Confucian scholars of the Central Continent did the same thing.

They gathered the attention of countless people and read poetry and books.

After cultivating for dozens or hundreds of years, they suddenly gained enlightenment and were respected by the world.

This boundless crowd not only covered Han Muyes Qi Sea Dantian, but also gave off a very mortal aura.

Anyone would think that he was a mortal who had not cultivated for long.

No more than two years.

This coincided with Han Muyes re-cultivation.

“No matter how talented one is, its impossible to be lucky forever.” In the distance, a young man in a green robe on the Spiritual Dao Sects flying ship spoke in a low voice.

“This person is already not bad.

Unfortunately, he shouldnt have gone against the Spiritual Dao Sect.” Beside him, a Daoist in green robes also spoke.

Beside them stood a few young cultivators.

The Seven Sons of the Spiritual Dao.

“I hope that when he loses, he can be more straightforward and not ruin his reputation as a sword immortal.” A young man with a cold expression and a scar at the corner of his eye snorted coldly and turned back to the cabin.

There was no need to care about the death of a genius.

Only a genius who remained brilliant would be valued.

Moreover, at this moment, so many young elites did not come to the Spiritual Dao Sect to visit, but gathered in front of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

What position did this leave the Spiritual Dao Sect in

This was a provocation to the Spiritual Dao Sect!

In the Nine Mystic Sword Sects encampment, Han Muye, who was standing in front of the cabin, looked around and cupped his hands.

“Everyone, arent you cultivating at this time”

Hearing Han Muyes words, a young man said loudly, “Immortal Han, if it werent for you, I, Zhao Tiejin, would have died in the Broken Soul Wasteland.

How can Zhao Tiejin not come to Jialing River”

As he spoke, he took out a wine gourd and said loudly, “Immortal Han, I, Zhao Tiejin, know that my cultivation and combat strength are not top-notch.

I might not be able to leave Jialing River alive in this sect competition.

“Im here today to invite Immortal Han for a drink.”


The others also looked at Han Muye.

Han Muyes reputation came from his superb talent in the Sword Dao.

But what was more admirable than his talent was his character.

In the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, everyone knew that the Sword Pavilions Immortal Han had never hidden anything from his juniors.

Outside the Sword Sect, stories about Han Muye circulated.

From the time he went down the Nine Mystic Mountain with his sword and traveled 30,000 miles to save the Sword Pavilion elder, Gao Changgong, to the time he blocked the demons of the Southern Wasteland with his sword on the Cloud Nest Ridge and invited Tu Sunshi to save the Yuntai Dao Sect.

In that battle, the Nine Mystic Sword Sects Immortal Han killed countless sword cultivators.

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