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There, it was wet.

Even if she was slow to react, she understood that when her altered spiritual energy and the fiend energy in Mr.

Gray Wolfs body touched, she had experienced for herself his bodys real condition.

His condition was worse than she had thought.

What surprised her most was his ravenous hunger.

She had no idea until now that he was so hungry.

She had assumed that since she was feeding him meat every day, he wouldnt be that hungry.

She had overlooked that he was a wolf demon.

It was impossible for him to feel full when she was only feeding half a catty to a catty of meat.

And yet, he never said anything or tried to sneak extra food.

He hadnt tried to eat her either.

Although she teased Mr.

Gray Wolf by calling him Mr.

Food Reserve, she was the one that was a delectable treat for merciless demons.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the steamed egg custard in the stone pot and glanced at the rabbit she had got today.

Without any hesitation, she decided that she would feed the wolf enough food so that he was full.

She had heard from Mo Bohe that there were fish in the stream near the forest.

Mo Mao had caught them fish in previous winters to improve their diet.

She could get more food tomorrow by fishing.

Not hesitating anymore, Ruan Qiuqiu absorbed the last bit of spiritual energy in the fiend core.

With the extra spiritual energy, she staunched his bleeding wounds and suppressed the fiend energy in his body.

Ruan Qiuqiu passed him a lot of altered spiritual energy in one go and the fiend energy didnt try to twine around it, so there wasnt a repeat of her experiencing what he was feeling this time.

By the time Mr.

Food Reserves injuries seemed to have stabilized, the scent of egg custard gradually filled the warmed up cave.

Now that the crisis had passed, Ruan Qiuqiu prepared the best meal they had in the past ten days.

The egg custard was very warm and the rabbit meat tasted delicious too.

Ruan Qiuqiu let herself eat to full.

Once she took care of the wolf, she lay down on the bed.

After thinking it over, she slowly reached her hand out and held Mr.

Gray Wolfs hand.

She drew out a strand of altered spiritual energy and sent it into his body.

She actively entangled her altered spiritual energy with the fiend energy.

If she could feel Mr.

Gray Wolfs pain, then perhaps, he could feel her warm and healthy body as well as her full stomach.

The snow continued to fall, but it wasnt as heavy as before.

In the Wind Lion Tribe, Lu Ziran was holding a delicious-smelling roasted wild boar leg.

Using a bone knife, he was slicing pieces of it and putting them in Rou Yueraos wooden bowl.

In a pampered and delicate manner, Rou Yuerao hugged his arm.

“I really cant eat anymore.”

She felt that Lu Ziran had been treating her much better than before after he came back from that hunting trip.

Their relationship had gotten a lot better.

Although their relationship wasnt official yet, they had been nestled together throughout the snowfall.

She didnt know that Lu Ziran had dreamed of the future or that he was treating her so well for the sake of having a backup option.

She unilaterally attributed the change in his behavior to Ruan Qiuqius departure.

“This has been roasted very well.

Eat some more.” A smile appeared on Lu Zirans handsome and gentle face.

“Ill get fat if I eat more!” Rou Yuerao puffed out her cheeks.

“This wild boars leg is too fatty.

Lets just throw it away.”

No matter how much Lu Ziran liked her, he was annoyed by her nochantalant tone.

In a displeased voice, he said, “Food is precious in winter.

If you dont want to eat it, Ill give it to other demons to eat.”

“Okay, okay, Ill eat a little bit more.” Rou Yuerao saw that he was unhappy and softened her tone, “Then you have to feed me.”

Lu Ziran sighed, but he still went along with her whim.

After feeding her a bit, he hesitantly told her, “Im going to the Fire Wolf Tribe tomorrow.”

He had been constantly thinking about the beast tide attack.

Although he knew about the danger in advance, he had gotten used to relying on his dream and didnt want to avoid it.

He was worried that if he did something differently from the dream, then his future would change and he wouldnt become a demon king.

It was fine that his relationship with Rou Yuerao was heating up.

After all, shell become his queen in the future.

And yet, he still wanted to confirm if Ruan Qiuqiu was alive or not.


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