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Ruan Qiuqui was having a hard time, and Mr.

Big Bad Wolf’s state wasn’t much better.

He originally planned to use whatever little remained from his demon power in his body to exchange a unilateral oath with the little lady, leaving a damage transfer protection on her.

The reason why he chose to bite near the collarbone was not that he had long desired to do so and couldn’t restrain himself.

He had never made an oath with any human or demon before, but when he was trading with the Moon Fox Tribe once, because of his excellent hearing, he accidentally overheard a conversation between two male foxes——

“Last night, I made an oath with my little human partner.

It was successful after only one attempt, and the effect is still very high.”

“Where did you bite Wrist Or…” The other male fox winked mysteriously, as if alluding to something obscene.

“Only female demons like that kind of place, not humans.”

“Where is that Tell me quickly, I promise not to tell other demons.”


At that time, Mr.

Big Bad Wolf who had already decided to be a lone wolf all his life couldn’t bear to listen anymore.

What human partner, what female demon Just like those male demons, they were just a group of superficial beings that only made a certain wolf nauseous.

A certain wolf sneered, waving the sleeves of his wide pitch-black third-order Crow Feather coat,  his handsome and delicate features full of arrogance and disdain.

As for him considering the human partner’s experience and trying to learn this knowledge ……


Big Bad Wolf scoffed, was he stupid

——Although he really thought so at that time…

However, when the reality was laid out in front of him and he really had to make an oath with Qiuqiu…

He still subconsciously rummaged through all his memories and chose the prudent approach that he dismissed back then.

It was said that the little wife from the human race would like it very much.


Why didn’t the two male foxes explain clearly, why did he also feel so…so strange

The little madam’s blood was mixed with the spiritual power that she had unconsciously emitted.

It followed his fangs and the crack between his thin lips all the way to the center of his dantian, lighting Mr.

Big Bad Wolf’s body in flames.

Yuan Jue’s forehead oozed fine sweat, which soaked up the woolen blindfold Ruan Qiuqiuxin had prepared for him.

The pair of long and narrow eyes hidden under the pure white thread of wool had already been suffused with a mist of forbearance.

For the first time, his body felt a strange feeling that was even more unbearable than pain.

Flustered, he decided to speed up the unilateral agreement quickly and slowly retracted his fangs.

The strange feeling suddenly eased a lot, but it was like an unquenchable flame.

The tip of the wolf’s ears turned pink as he couldn’t hold back his gasps.

He let go of Ruan Qiuqiu immediately after the agreement was concluded, then hurriedly pulled down the big tail that had unknowingly wrapped around the little lady’s waist again.


Big Bad Wolf was originally worried that Qiuqiu would ask to bite back.

He was thus planning to mobilize his demon power to forcibly cool himself regardless of the consequences, in an attempt to suppress the strange feeling.

But while it was just a very unbearable feeling for him, it was beyond unbearable for Ruan Qiuqiu.

Two seconds before the agreement was concluded, she heard a certain wolf’s uncontrollable pants.

Before she could bite back, a white light flashed in front of her eyes, and she completely lost consciousness.

She suffered a big loss.

Not only did she not bite back as promised, but she didn’t even have time to touch the big fluffy tail that Mr.

Big Bad Wolf asked her to touch before.


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