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Chapter 210 - Blushing, he heard her voice, "It's cute." (3)


Gray Wolf’s body leaned forward slowly and Ruan Qiuqiu felt her shoulder and waist being weighted down.

She fell backward uncontrollably and landed softly on top of the animal skin.


Gray Wolf’s lips brushed past her ears softly.

He didn’t even dare to have any weight on her.

Here merely fell next to her with his handsome face blushing slightly.

Ruan Qiuqiu, who was oblivious to all those, “… …”

What was going on

She struggled back onto her feet, straightened out her clothes and, pondered with her chin rested on her palm while looking at Yuan Jue, who had his eyes closed.

She was debating whether she should just let Yuan Jue know that she could now understand his words.

Ruan Qiuqiu gave it some thought and finally decided to wait for Mr.

Gray Wolf to figure that out on his own.

This wolf has been so awkward normally and only allowed a little bit of his true feelings to show when he went “aowu”.

It bothered him that she returned with Tianxiu.

Did that mean… …

That he didn’t like Tianxiu

Made sense.

As much as Tianxiu didn’t do that intentionally, young Mr.

Gray Wolf had still suffered a lot because of him.

Ruan Qiuqiu smiled and wasted no time in pulling her arm back out carefully when he feigned being unconscious.

“Tianxiu did not return to the Sand Tribe but went over to help out the Winter Bear Tribe instead.

I’ve heard that many of the bear fiends were injured during the beast tide and they are in need of more herbs,” said Ruan Qiuqiu to her “Sleeping Wolf Beauty” as she packed up the herbs that they had lying around.

“Grandma Ruyi went over there a couple of days ago as well.

She discovered a boundary in the mountain behind where the tribe is located.” Wrapping up the herbs with an animal skin, Ruan Qiuqiu said slowly, “She said the spiritual energy within the boundary is very concentrated… …”

“It would be beneficial for cultivation… …” Ruan Qiuqiu stopped midway through.

With the herbs in her hand, she sighed to herself and decided to have Tianxiu take the herbs with him first before she had a nice, long chat with Mr.

Gray Wolf about moving.

She thought about it a little before she picked up a new wooden bucket, filled it with hot water, walked out through the curtain made out of animal skin and handed the herbs to Tianxiu, who had been waiting for her with a disturbed look.

She had not noticed that Mr.

Gray Wolf, who had been lying on top of the stone bed gleefully, tightened his fists as she walked out of their newly wed bedroom.

– Sitting up slowly, Yuan Jue’s heart dropped a little and his looked slowly turned cold.

He had not noticed it earlier when they were outside but he noticed it now.

There was a not so obvious stamp on Ruan Qiuqiu’s wrist.

It was something that would only appear after a contract with a fiend or demon had been established.

Meaning to say that, Qiuqiu had established some sort of a contract with a certain fiend during his absence this afternoon.

What he had noticed plunged him into an ice pit instantly and even breathing had become difficult for him all of a sudden.

He could speculate that Qiuqiu had, most likely, reached some sort of an agreement with that half-demon-half-fiend Qing Ruyi.

She had mentioned her to him in the past.

He only caught parts of it as he was not entirely conscious at the time.

He wasn’t worried about what Qiuqiu would do; he only worried that she would be taken advantage of.

He became more and more irritable and, his tail shaking from side to side, he gritted his teeth and his eyes dimmed.

Some of his vision had returned but, still, all he could see out of his eyes was some blurry lights.

He even found the fire dancing around inside the stone stove too annoying to look at.

Shortly, a few droplets of water appeared on top of his black eyelashes.

The wolf’s eyes reddened and, bearing the pain, he only activated a little bit of his demon consciousness.

He had lowered its ability and only eavesdropped on the conversation between his little wife and the eagle without the sight to go along with it.


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