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Ruan Qiuqius voice was shaky, but her gaze was firm.

“I wont give up on him.”

Even if she had seen Grandma Ruyis half-demon and half-fiend form, she wouldnt give up on her gray wolf Tianluo.

If it wasnt for Yuan Jue, Lu Ziran might have succeeded in forcibly taking her away from here.

No, even earlier than that, he had saved her when he had fought off that fiend by himself on that snowy night, and when he had come out and picked her up from the snow when her legs had cramped.

If it wasnt for him, she would have died a long time ago.

Ruan Qiuqiu didnt dare to say that Yuan Jues condition was different from other half-demons and half-fiends.

She couldnt guarantee either that he wouldnt hurt her if his condition worsened.

Perhaps, one day, his fangs would bite her fragile neck when he couldnt resist the urge to eat her flesh and drink her blood, but she wasnt willing to abandon him just because the future was uncertain and unknown.

Right now, she just found out there was a potential for a miserable future.

She merely found out that her future with Yuan Jue wasnt optimistic.

But long before this, she had known that her original ending was a miserable death when the winter beast tide came.

Was she going to give up just because she knew about a bad ending No way.

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Compared to the original miserable ending of dying from beasts, being bitten a few times by Yuan Jue was nothing.

Clearly, Yuan Jue was the one that was more miserable than her.

He had been a wandering wolf cub.

Who knows how much hardship he suffered when he was young He had worked hard to cultivate and become chief.

He came off as prideful of his talent and arrogant and unbridled to others.

But from this period of time of getting along, Ruan Qiuqiu knew that under that arrogance that was hated and misunderstood by other demons, there was a deeply hidden sensitivity and low self-esteem.

Her wolf, he was so gentle towards the old and young and that silly Raptor.

She had realized a long time ago that his rumored cruelty and twisted personality were just superficial impressions spread through the mouths of demons and humans.

They feared him and worried they would be harmed from the fiend energy that he couldnt help releasing, so they created the image of a wolf clan chief that was perfectly hateable.

That way, they could slander and attack him without restraint or guilt.

Since he had been born, everyone probably told him:

“Yuan Jue, your existence is wrong.”

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“Youre a cursed monster.

Its because of you that so many wolf demons died.”

“Get away, dont come over.

Were all weak humans and demons.

If you come closer, your presence will kill us.”

Her Mr.

Gray Wolf, he had been a demon for over 20 years.

He had protected the wolf tribe for so many years, but all he got in return was abandonment when he was seriously injured.

He almost died this winter.

And now, there was finally hope in their lives, but he entered the fiend transformation period where every moment felt like he was being sliced apart.

Ruan Qiuqiu guessed that the black spots appearing on his face was a sign that he had entered the fiend transform period.

He had been silently enduring this entire time and never told her that he was in pain.

Ruan Qiuqius cheeks heated up.

She blinked her eyes that were about to tear up.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She knew about gray wolf Tianluos condition the best.

She had checked it this morning.

His meridians were fully healed, and the open wound on his stump had mostly healed over too and wasnt bleeding anymore.

He absorbed the spiritual energy from the spritail energy stones very quickly.

He hadnt grown any fiend scales and was slowly getting better.

Plus, she had a special ability that Grandpa Mo didnt have.

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And now, she had finally figured out why Yuan Jue hadnt gotten better after a long time and the source of the mysterious fiend energy in his body.

She now had a direction to work towards.

This was obviously a happy thing.


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