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Yuan Jue could hear her breathing gradually becoming steady and even.

Noticing that she had fallen asleep, he used spiritual energy to prop himself into a sitting position.

With one hand on the stone bed for support, he looked over like a silly wolf.

Mustering up his courage, he slowly leaned down and kissed Ruan Qiuqius curled eyelashes.

He couldnt resist gently stroking her closed eyes.

His rough fingertips gently pressed her soft lips.

By the time he returned to his senses, he had already kissed the corner of her lips.

Soft and warm, it was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

When he realized what he did, his fur puffed up.

In the darkness of the cave, the red glow in his long narrow eyes looked very scary.

He… He should have used this time to heal his wifes facial injury instead of secretly kissing her.


Gray Wolfs head was dizzy.

He slowly pressed his big hand on Ruan Qiuqius injured cheek.

His moist breath fell on her neck and clavicle.

His long eyelashes brushed against Ruan Qiuqius cheek, making her feel itchy even while she was asleep.

Yuan Jue knew that he was behaving very badly.

It could even be said that he was being a pervert.

But… he really wanted to kiss her again.

Shy and cautious, he touched Ruan Qiuqius lips again.

He could feel her shallow breath on his lips.

The moist breath eventually became cold, but it still gave him a peculiar satisfied feeling that made him shudder all over.

Yuan Jue felt as if he was about to burn up.

As he healed the wound on her face, she seemed to be showing signs of discomfort.

After the wound was fully healed, he couldnt resist kissing her lips again.

And then, he quickly went back to his animal skin blanket.

His heart was violently beating.

He felt so heated that he felt dizzy.

He vaguely thought; his wife, she was so sweet.

While Mr.

Gray Wolf was sneaking kisses, Tian Xiu, who had a rather fast flying speed, had already arrived at the Winter Bear Tribe.

The tribe was located in a valley that bordered a forest on one side.

Nestled between mountains and a river, the tribes small territory was particularly difficult to find.

If it wasnt for his sharp eyes and happening to hear a crying panda by chance, it might have taken him a few days to find the Winter Bear Tribe.

“So thats why you, a four-year-old panda, came out to look for medicinal herbs” Tian Xiu looked disdainfully at the young panda demon that was pulling on his sleeve.

“Stop crying.

Can you at least wipe your tears”

“But Little Flower cant hold on anymore.

Big Brother, Big Brother hasnt come back yet.” The panda sniffled as tears rolled down his eyes.

He was so sad that he couldnt help crying.

Tian Xiu: “…”

He sighed, leaned down, picked up the panda that was at his limit, and wiped his tears for him.

“Alright, dont cry anymore.

Be a man.”

“Older Brother Raptor, do you know where to find medicinal herbs” Xiong Gungun, the panda demon, asked in a sobbing voice.

“I can trade fur for it.”

Tian Xiu: “… I still have two pieces of level 1 herbs that can staunch blood.” He had seen these herbs when he was flying here and picked it up.

“Alright, take me to see Little Flower.

Is she injured or sick” Tian Xiu asked.

It was currently winter and normal for weaker human girls and female demons to catch a cold.

Xiong Gungun sniffled.

“Little Flower was injured in the beast tide.

He wasnt able to defeat any beasts.

A beast tore a big hole in his stomach.

Tian Xiu froze in surprise for a moment.

“Little Flower was allowed to fight off the beast tide attack” Wait a minute, shouldnt Little Flower be a girls name Why did this little panda say he

Xiong Gungun incredulously looked at the big raptor.

“Of course, Older Brother Little Flower is a very powerful warrior in our tribe!”

Tian Xiu: “…” It was he who was ignorant and inexperienced.

He didnt know that Little Flower could be the name for a male bear demon.


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