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He should have already known it was impossible for a wolf like him, who had been cursed at birth, to get a shred of warmth that wasnt hiding malicious intentions.

From the moment that he had been tossed into the abyss when he was young, he should have known this truth.

Ruan Qiuqiu had no idea that her joke would make the wolf, who was lying in bed, lose all hope.

She reached out and rubbed his cold hand between hers to warm them up.


Big Bad Wolf, who had become apathetic and was planning on killing the human as soon as he regained his strength, fell into shambles again because of Ruan Qiuqius action.

Why was she rubbing his hand

Could it be that she was checking the quality of his flesh

However, Ruan Qiuqiu didnt give his imagination time to run wild.

She briefly checked Mr.

Gray Wolfs temperature, then she took off the wedding outfit that could still be considered warm and covered Mr.

Big Bad Wolf, who only had silvery-gray animal skin around his waist.

“Even a demon will get cold if he changes into human form, huh”

Hearing her talking about her newly gained knowledge of demons in her voice that was trembling from the cold, Yuan Jue felt that not only was his pounding headache getting worse from him being so confused, his heart felt more confused too.

His hand, which was hidden under the wedding outfit that held her residual warmth, slowly tightened.

Even his expression grew grimmer.

Ruan Qiuqiu thought this change was because he was in unbearable pain.

She had to quickly bring everything that had fallen outside of the cave inside, then she would start a fire and treat Mr.

Big Bad Wolfs injuries.

She had briefly surveyed Mr.

Big Bad Wolfs cave on the way in.

There didnt seem to be anything that could be useful in the lone wolfs cave.

If her pitiful “dowry” got taken away by wild beasts, then she and the wolf might as well lie down and wait for death in this winter that had just begun.

However, she had been walking for almost two days.

The animal skins on her feet were falling apart, and her legs felt so sore.

In her hurry to get her belongings, Ruan Qiuqiu stumbled over a stone at the corner.

She looked quite miserable as she tripped and fell onto the ground.

Hearing a heavy thud followed by labored breathing, Yuan Jue, who had already used up all of his demon energy and couldnt check with his demon consciousness, endured the pain and instinctively opened his eyes.

He wanted to see if that female human, who was driving him crazy, had hit her head and gotten stupider.

Or, if she had fallen to her death, and he wouldnt have to kill her himself.

However, the lifting of his long eyelashes only brought a weak airflow.

That bottomless darkness along with the cold air fell into his gray-blue eyes and seriously reminded him – he couldnt see.

For the very first time, the Big Bad Wolf felt that losing his sight was such a bad thing

His heart felt more unsettled.

Even as he tried to muster up the last of his energy from his shattered demon core, he didnt know why he was feeling so anxious.

The moment passed, and Ruan Qiuqiu got up from the ground.

“Ow, I almost hit my head.” Ruan Qiuqiu rubbed her shoulder that had hit the ground hard and hissed in pain.

She didnt have the time to care about her pain.

She might be running out of time.

She stumbled forward in a run and left behind the sounds of shaky, disorderly footsteps in the somewhat empty cave.


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