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His long and thick eyelashes werent curled up.

Illuminated by the warm light of the stove fire, his eyelashes casted shadows that formed little fans on the black circles under his eyes.

His cheeks were still pale, but it wasnt as deathly pale as several days ago.

His complexion had improved.

As for the fiend energy that had been wreaking havoc, it was now very well-behaved and curled up in a corner of his body instead of spreading across his handsome face.

Ruan Qiuqiu sighed in relief.

In the end, she couldnt resist smoothing the fur on his ear.

Smiling, she said, “Mr.

Gray Wolf, Im going out for a while.

You have to watch over our home while Im away.”

The ear under her hand slightly moved as if it was responding to her.

Ruan Qiuqiu curved her lips into a smile.

After confirming that he was passively absorbing the energy for the spiritual stones, she picked up her stuff and headed out.

If nothing came up, it would only take over an hour for a round trip to Little Yus home.

There was more than one reason why Ruan Qiuqiu chose to visit Little Yu and the others in the evening.

The weather had improved since the afternoon and Grandpa Mos mind was much clearer in the evening.

She wanted to ask him about the Winter Bear Tribe.

She was still a bit concerned about what she had overheard from those two bear demons.

Ruan Qiuqiu pushed open the door and the bone-chilling cold and wetness instantly went through her clothes and touched her neck.

She shivered several times from the cold.

She quickly walked out and swiftly closed the door.

When she woke up every morning, she would air out the cave.

Since she had gone out several times to get more water today, the cave had already been aired out enough.

Ruan Qiuqiu didnt waste time.

Braving the sleet, she quickly headed towards Grandpa Mos home.

When she had walked for over 20 minutes and was almost at the vicinity of Grandpa Mos cave, as she went through a bend near the edge of the forest, she suddenly felt someone was watching her.

That gaze didnt have any warmth.

It was as if that watcher was looking at a dead person.

That gaze was accompanied by a terrible pressure.

She felt chilled as if a ghost was stalking her.

Was it a beast Or a fiend Or a demon from the Fire Wolf Tribe

Ruan Qiuqiu forced herself to calm down.

She tightened her trembling grip on the spear.

Sweat dripped down from her forehead.

She pretended to be nonchalant as she walked forward, but secretly gathered spiritual energy and dispersed it around herself.

As someone in the later stage of level 1, she was able to have a 360 degree awareness of everything within three meters of herself by sending out her spiritual energy.

If that unknown creature attacked her from behind, Ruan Qiuqiu would immediately find out.

Qing Ruyi, who was slowly walking at the edge of the forest, quickly noticed that weak spiritual energy.

She quirked her lips.

This human was so interesting.

They were over ten meters away from each other, and she was using her fiend consciousness to monitor her, but that human had noticed her presence.

She normally had no intention to hurt the weak.

In fact, she liked cautious people with keen senses, but…

Qing Ruyi narrowed her eyes and gently made a gesture in the air.

The spiritual energy that Ruan Qiuqiu had used to keep guard instantly shattered into pieces.

Ruan Qiuqius heart skipped a beat.

She instinctively looked behind herself and keenly zeroed in on Qing Ruyi, who was concealed behind a giant tree.

And then, Ruan Qiuqiu immediately sprinted away.

“Eh” Qing Ruyi was surprised that Ruan Qiuqiu was able to guess her hiding spot.

The smile in her light brown eyes grew stronger.

She shifted her willow-like legs to human legs and quickly grew taller.

She quickly changed from a young girl to an adult in her 20s.

She smiled with her eyes curved in crescents.

She took one step forward and started chasing at a speed that was a few times faster than Ruan Qiuqiius running speed.

Although His Majesty had told her to wait until the time was right, she thought it would be better to cripple Ruan Qiuqiu now, that would make it easier to monitor Yuan Jue and her.


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