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Chapter 123 – He was a very normal wolf without any peculiar hobbies (2)


Gray Wolf quietly growled to signal to his weak wife that she should hurry back into the cave.

He was very fierce, but he did his best to not show his fangs and maintain a dominant and powerful character setting.

He wanted to be a cold, dictatorial, domineering wolf that inspired fear and respect.

However, his wife wasnt scared at all when she heard his growl.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked up at his paw that covered the sky above her and blocked the rain and wind from her.

Her countenance softened.

She couldnt hold back her smile.

She realized that she was the reason why he wasnt going back into the cave and deferred to gray wolf Tianluos wishes.

She scurried into the cave first.

“Seeing” how well-behaved Ruan Qiuqiu was, Yuan Jue shook his ears.

He felt very satisfied.

His demon power was dwindling.

He could only hold on for another ten minutes or so.

Yuan Jue violently pushed down his little thoughts that emerged in rapid succession and slowly shrunk down his wolf form.

This process was made more challenging by his weight and the wood being supported with only three legs.

He carried firewood and hardwood into the cave and piled them up on the empty passageway by the entrance of the cave.

As for his next step, he had been planning to change into his human form and pretend to be unconscious, but now…

He touched the animal skin clothing that he had gotten very dirty, taken off earlier, and wedged between the firewood with the few strands of demon consciousness that remained.

Ruan Qiuqiu was standing nearby and staring at him.

He could sense her presence and his fluffy wolf face started to heat up.

When they had first met, he didnt have any special feelings for her, so he didnt think anything of it when he had changed into his human form and was half-naked.

But now, if he did that, would Ruan Qiuqiu think he was behaving like a hoodlum

Moreover, he had become uglier.

The sweetness he was feeling because his wife had hugged him turned bittersweet.

Dragging his disabled leg, he didnt fall to the ground when he felt the spasm of pain.

Instead, only his fur shook a lit bit.

Ruan Qiuqiu pursued her lips.

She noticed Mr.

Gray Wolfs strangeness.

From her peripheral vision, she saw the clothes that she had made for him.

It was carefully folded on the firewood.

She figured out why the wolf hadnt changed into his human form.

Her heart felt soft, and she also wanted to laugh.

They had already been married for over ten days.

They were practically an old couple by now.

Besides, it wasnt like she hadnt seen his chest before.

Why was he embarrassed now Was he feeling shy

She looked at Mr.

Gray Wolf, who was pretending to be lofty and cold.

As she thought of that recent prickly hug, the tips of her ears turned red.

She looked at Mr.

Gray Wolfs grisly injuries with distress.

Without hesitation, she picked up her backpack and took two steps towards the bedroom.

She raised her head and said to her wolf husband, “Husband, I… Ill go get clothes for you…”

Ignoring the wolf whose eyes were glassy, she lifted the tattered animal skin curtain and went into the bedroom, which was much warmer than the rest of the cave.

Her legs still felt like wobbly jelly.

Since that time when Mr.

Gray Wolf had snuck out while wearing the clothes she had made for him and gotten them a bit dirty, Ruan Qiuqiu had been wanting to make him another outfit.

However, they had a limited amount of animal skins and she only had time to make him a loose motley yellow robe.

It looked a bit old-fashioned, but it came in handy now.

They didnt have a cabinet at home, so she had folded all of their clothes and placed it on the inner part of the stone table and covered it up with a piece of animal skin.

Ruan Qiuqiu thought it over and took out her last set of clean clothes, a shabby top and skirt.

She had to change into clean clothes too.

By chance, those clothes were a motley yellow too…

Shaking her head to toss out those messy thoughts, Ruan Qiuqiu took those clothes and a piece of dry animal skin and came out of the bedroom.

Ruan Qiuqiu put the clean robe on dry firewood and said with a slightly red face, “After you dry off, change into this robe.

Theres no pants though…”

Yuan Jue: “…”

Ruan Qiuqiu remembered Little Bohes present to her, the bighorn sheep skin that she had put on the bed.

Her eyes brightened.

“Wait a moment.”

She immediately ran in and came back with the pure white animal skin.

She placed it on the same spot as the robe.

“If you dont mind, you can wrap this animal skin around your waist and wear it as a skirt.”

Yuan Jue: “…” He was a very normal wolf without any peculiar hobbies.

He didnt want to wear a skirt.


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