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Yuan Jue didnt know why his eyes felt a bit sour.

He hastily moved his left hand away and squeezed his neck with his right hand.

His sharp claws left behind bloody scratches on his skin.

He forcefully swallowed back down the metallic blood, bit by bit.

He tried his best to use demon energy to bolster himself.

His hands were shaking as he tried to pull off the petal that was stained with his blood.

But no matter how hard he tried and how careful he was, he couldnt control his strength.

That flower was ripped apart by him.

The petals fell into the pool of fresh blood in the snow.

It was completely dirtied now.

Seeing the petals unfolding in the bloodied snow, Yuan Jue blinked his sour eyes.

The extreme irony wasnt lost to him.

He curved his lips and silently laughed.

He was laughing very lightly, but suddenly entered a strange state that was more terrifying than anything.

Lu Ziran was right.

As a crippled wolf demon, he couldnt give her a good life.

But… Who said he could only be a crippled wolf demon

The fiend energy in his blood surged up, eager and obedient to do his bidding.

Strands of dark fiend energy spun into silken strands and circled around.

Under Yuan Jues control, they merged with the injuries on his abdomen he had gotten from being kicked.

In the span of only two breaths, the injuries were completely healed.

Another strand of fiend energy merged into the severed part of his left leg, relieving the acute pain there.

His body was filled with abundant power.

Following the dispersion of the fiend energy in his body, two fragments of his demon core shattered into powder that was then submerged.

Yuan Jues demon consciousness spread.

He no longer restrained the murderous scarlet intent in his eyes.

He remained in the same position as before, lightly leaning against the giant tree.

Little by little, fiend energy overflowed from his blood-stained hand.

He held the fiend energy in hand and leisurely condensed it.

As for Lu Ziran, a demon who hadnt reached level 4, he obviously couldnt sense Yuan Jue, who was deliberately hiding himself.

He was still bleeping away.

“Ruan Qiuqiu, can you be a little bit more realistic”

Ruan Qiuqiu laughed out of anger.

“Why is it any of your business what kind of my life my husband can give me If you have time to care about me, its better for you to hurry back.

Rou Yuerao might be worried about you.”

Who could have guessed that Lu Zirans expression would visibly soften instead of becoming angry “Qiuqiu, I knew it.

Youre jealous.

You said youre willing, but thats a lie, right”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” F*ck.

She realized that humans cant communicate with presumptuous idiots.

Lu Ziran wanted her to go back with him to her death.

She couldnt resolve todays matter by being civil.

Instead of listening to his vomit-inducing words and dragging Mr.

Gray Wolf into this mess, she might as well fight him while running away from here.

Although she wasnt strong and was only level 1, Lu Ziran didnt know about her mutated water ability.

She didnt have the confidence that she could defeat him, but she was confident that she could make him a eunuch lion.

Thinking of this, Ruan Qiuqiu stopped enduring.

Putting the spear across her chest, she no longer hid the disgust in her eyes.

She glared at him with disdain.


However, in the eyes of Lu Ziran who thought she was jealous, no matter what she said, he would only think she was acting spoiled to get his attention.

And so, her words failed in angering him and only made him even happier.

He raised his hand to grab Ruan Qiuqius arm.

“Dont act like this.

Qiuqiu, leave with me.

Ill let you eat to your full, have enough clothes to be warm, and live a good life.

Its not a big deal.

I like you so…”

Before he could finish speaking and before his hand touched Ruan Qiuqiu, Lu Ziran suddenly felt severe pain.

He opened his lips, but he couldnt say a word.

He felt a burning pain coming from his dantian and blacked out for a moment.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked on in surprise as Lu Ziran suddenly vomited blood and fell to the ground convulsing.

Lu Ziran clutched the area above his dantian.

He was frightened and angry that something was madly devouring his cultivation, causing him to regress.

He instinctively stretched his hand out to seal his meridians and let out a low roar in pain.

How could there be a demon in the Fire Wolf Tribe that could slip past his defenses and attack him This should be impossible.

There was no hint of this in his dream.


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