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This was Ruan Qiuqius first time meeting Lu Ziran when she was very clear-headed.

He was taller than her mental image of him.

His figure and appearance were all standard for a male lead.

He was wearing black animal skin clothing that was much better than what her Mr.

Gray Wolf wore.

His dark hair was draped behind his back and his eyes were deep.

He was casually holding a bloody boar trotter, but with his innate male lead halo, he looked extremely confident and uninhibited.


What was so amazing about having a male lead halo If she could hunt down an animal with hide as good as what Lu Ziran was wearing and made clothes from it for Mr.

Gray Wolf, then even if Mr.

Gray Wolf was disfigured, his attractiveness could definitely crush Lu Ziran.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked away from Lu Ziran and pretended that she didnt recognize him.

With her head lowered, she took a few shaky steps towards the cave.

She was tightly clenching the spear and praying that this lousy lion would be more sensible.

Shoo, go away.

Keep away from her.

Ruan Qiuqius trick of pretending to be stupid worked.

When he saw that she looked as if she had been tormented to the point that she had lost her mind, the last of his anger went away and was replaced with pity.

Maybe that twisted gray wolf had forced intimacy on Ruan Qiuqiu when she wasnt lucid.

In the past, Ruan Qiuqiu hadnt been normal in the Wind Lion Tribe.

Their now deceased tribes shaman said that her soul was probably incomplete.

After several days of being dimwitted, Ruan Qiuqiu would be a little bit lucid for a short period.

And so, the members of the Wind Lion Tribe were used to her being a fool most of the time and occasionally being clear-headed.

The people in the tribe thought Ruan Qiuqiu liked him in the past, but that wasnt true.

It was merely that he had an impulsive moment of benevolence and once helped Ruan Qiuqiu during one of her rare somewhat clear-headed moments.

She probably remembered that time and would instinctively rely on him a bit.

When she wasnt clear-headed, she didnt like to go out.

Even during her rare somewhat clear-headed moments, she still seemed retarded.

So in the eyes of others, it naturally looked as if she liked him.

Although Lu Ziran knew this, he never explained it and indulged in Rou Yueraos hostility towards her.

A lion demon that was wholeheartedly loyal to one woman wouldnt be able to experience the amazing feeling of having multiple women liking him and being jealous over him.

Moreover, Ruan Qiuqiu had a pretty face.

Although she didnt have the talent for cultivation, that didnt harm him at all.

Being “liked” by her was a pleasant thing that didnt cause him to feel any burden.

Perhaps, Ruan Qiuqiu had truly been forced by that wolf.

Once Lu Ziran came up with this reason, his mood improved.

He pretended to be gentle by softening his voice, “Qiuqiu, its me, Lu Ziran.

I came here to save you.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” She was going to throw up.

She almost couldnt keep up the pretense after hearing Lu Zirans gentle voice.

She wanted to smack him.

Thirty meters away, Yuan Jue, who was covered in bruises and injuries and had dragged himself back after finally hunting down prey, heard Lu Zirans “I came here to save you.” He felt that the injuries he got from being kicked by the bison herd hurt even more.

It felt as if his strength had evaporated.

His grip weakened, and the processed, tender level 1 baby bison that he had worked so hard to hunt down slipped out of his hands and onto the snow.

Three eggs that he had stolen from a flock of moa birds also fell from his arms and rolled on the ground.

He had risked being trampled to death to get these eggs.

Yuan Jue leaned against the trunk of a giant tree.

The overflowing blood spilled out of his lips, and the uncontrolled demon consciousness extended to Lu Ziran.

He clenched his hands.

His long, narrow gray-blue eyes without focus had turned scarlet at some point and were full of killing intent that couldnt be restrained.

Translator Ramblings: The original owners state seems similar to Grandpa Mos, but more serious.

Wonder if that means whatever was wrong with the original owner is the same thing wrong with Grandpa Mo.


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