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Chapter 104 – Did this lion have a problem with his brain (1)

Lu Ziran shouted Ruan Qiuqius name twice and impatiently waited for a few seconds.

Once again, he felt moody.

Over ten minutes ago, he arrived at Fire Wolf Tribe.

He had already prepared himself on having to wait a while before he could find news of Ruan Qiuqiu, but of course, this lion demon had heaven-defying luck.

He met Xie Yu as soon as he got there.

Xie Yu and Lu Ziran were both warriors in their tribes and would run into each other during the annual Autumn Gathering, so they knew each other.

Xie Yu saw Lu Ziran and was somewhat surprised.

“Lu Ziran Why did you come to the Fire Wolf Tribe”

After exchanging a few minutes of pleasantries, Lu Ziran casually asked, “Didnt one of the humans in my tribe marry into this tribe The chief asked me to come here and check if shes still alive.”

Xie Yus expression was somewhat strange.

“You mean Ruan Qiuqiu”

“Yeah, is she already dead” Lu Ziran wasnt surprised.

After all, he didnt think Ruan Qiuqiu would be able to survive.

When he heard these words, Xie Yus expression looked even weird.

“Shes not dead.

Not only is she alive, shes very arrogant too.”

As soon as Xie Yu thought of how Ruan Qiuqiu had used the curse on her body to threaten him, it put his teeth on edge.

“Shes alive” Lu Ziran was truly surprised this time.

His bright and outstanding face sunk.

“Then is Yuan Jue dead”

Yuan Jue must have died, and thats how Ruan Qiuqiu survived.

Xie Yu grinded his back teeth.

“It would be great if Yuan Jue died, but based on Ruan Qiuqius tone, that wolf is alive and well.

He even has the ability to be intimate with her.”

When he heard the word “intimate”, Lu Zirans expression became completely distorted.

He somewhat incredulously asked, “You said that Ruan Qiuqiu and that wolf were intimate”

Xie Yu was taken aback by the lion demon suddenly raising his voice.

However, seeing Lu Zirans ashen face, he quickly realized that the lion demon regarded Ruan Qiuqiu as his prey.

It was okay if she died, but she couldnt be with another demon.

That was how he thought too.

After Xie Yu figured that out, his eyes turned.

He came up with a strategy.

He deliberately tried to make it worse by saying, “Yeah, I heard her say it.

She said theyve been intimate several times too.

At first, I didnt believe her, but his scent on her body is very strong…”

Lu Zirans expression was so twisted that water could be wrung out.

He did his best to restrain the inexplicable surging anger.

Gritting his teeth, he asked, “Where is that damn woman and crippled wolf demon”

Seeing that he had fallen for his trap, Xie Yu was delighted.

He pretended to be surprised.

Concealing that Yuan Jue was cursed, he deliberately asked, “Ziran, what are you thinking of doing Dont you know that our former chief is very powerful Even if hes a crippled gray wolf that lost his strength, hes probably still a level 3 demon.

Do you want to attack him”

Lu Ziran sneered, “Haha, level 3”

He had already reached the bottleneck before level 4 a few days ago.

Why would he be scared of a crippled gray wolf that had regressed to level 3

He changed his mind.

He was going to kill Yuan Jue today, bring Ruan Qiuqiu back, and lock her up.

When the beast tide came, he would have the lion from his dream push Ruan Qiuqiu down so that she would die for him.

Ruan Qiuqiu was supposed to die for him to begin with, and now she was with another demon.

What was that about

Betray him She was merely a stupid tool, and she dared to betray him.


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