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The Grass of Life has cured Raven and Rita.

They seem to be surprised why I used such a precious recovery herb.

I just wanted to check it.

“I guess we’ll be fine now.

Are you injured, Milsy” 

She seemed to be fine, but I had to check.

I still have one more Grass of Life left.

“I’m fine.”

She sticks her hands out in front of me to show that she is okay.

“Well, do you think you can make it back to the city The city is in that direction.” I ask them.

I can tell the general direction of the city by the position of the sun.

I wanted to hunt until the very last minute, so I memorized the position of the sun and the direction of the city.

“Yeah, well, I’m fine.

If I was not hurt, we wouldn’t have lost to the Goblins.”

With that, Raven stood up, but he was unarmed, as if he had left his weapon somewhere.

Apparently, he had been injured farther away from here.

His weapon was also farther away from here.

Noticing his unarmed state, Raven picks up a rusty sword beside the Goblin’s corpse.

“It looks okay.”

He said and tried to leave.

“What Hey! Wait a minute.

You’re the kid who was inside the Adventurer’s Guild last time, aren’t you”

He finally had enough time from the near-death situation to think about Allen.

“Yes, but what about it

Allen replied with a troubled look on his face.

(No, honestly, if you can get back to the city on your own, move along.

I want to get back to hunting.)

Thanks to this, more than an hour of my time has passed.

It’s a precious day off.

I want to resume hunting.

“I really want to thank you.” 

“No, no, no, no.

It’s okay.”

I don’t want to waste any more time.

(No, I have a quota to kill 60 Goblins today.

Why don’t you understand that Please go away now.)

Raven will never understand that.

“What can I do for you”

Raven asked me again and again.

He doesn’t back down, saying he really wants to thank me.

I thought about it.

“So Raven you’re an Adventurer, aren’t you”

“Yes, I am.

As you can see.”

“I’m very busy today, so can you tell me more about being an Adventurer next time”

“Okay sure.”

Raven waits for the next words.

(No, that’s all.

Why do you look like you are waiting for me to say something)

“And please don’t tell anyone about me.”


I won’t.”

The other two also nodded.

Raven is still looking for something.

For Raven, Allen has become the person who saved him from a bad situation and spent two Mullerse flowers that cost many Gold Coins.

“That’s about it, among other things, I suppose.

I’ll take all the magic stones from the Goblins.


(Ah, the magic stones!)

Allen said that he would take the magic stones of the five fallen Goblins.

Then he remembered something important.

“What’s wrong”

“I don’t have access to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Hmm That’s right.”

“I’m looking for E-rank magic stones.”

I went to the magic tool shop but when I asked the shop owners to sell me an E rank magic stone, they said that they buy them but do not sell them.


“So, how about all the Goblin magic stones here and 100 E-rank magic stones How about this as a thank you”

I asked them to collect 100 E-rank magic stones for me.

“Oh, are you sure about that” He asked me

“Of course.

Do you live in the city of Grandver

“Yes, I’m staying at an inn in the city of Grandver.”

“I see.

I’ll specify the date and pick it up at the inn.

You can leave it with the receptionist at the inn, saying that someone named Allen will come and get it.”

They said that I could collect it in about a week.

Raven wondered if this was really a good idea, but then seemed to back down.

Allen started to collect the Goblin’s magic stones.

“So, have a safe trip back to the city.”

“Yeah, and thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” Allen replied.

Then, without looking back, he left the scene as fast as he could and returned the way he came.

He ran for quite a distance and stopped.

(Thanks to you, I have wasted a lot of time.

Well, I can get 100 E-rank magic stones as a reward, so that’s good.

Now, what should I do I’d like to go back to hunting, but I need to sort out what happened earlier.)

I have to check what happened with the adventurers.

(First, the Grass of Life.

It’s definitely an HP Herb.

I never thought I’d check its effects like this.

It turns out that the effect is activated when it touches the wound.)

(There are two types of recovery potion, though this one is probably a fixed-value recovery potion.)

Allen had played a lot of games when he was Kenichi.

In every game, there was a number that indicates the amount of HP (health points) or life points.

This indicated the amount of health the game character had and would die when it reached zero.

To recover this amount of health, there were recovery potions or food or so on.

There are two types of ways in which recovery potions work.

-Recovers a certain percentage of your maximum health

-Recovers a fixed value

For example, a character with 1000 health will recover 300 health if the potion recovers 30% of the maximum health.

And if the potion recovers 500 health at a fixed value, the character will recover 500 health regardless of his or her maximum health.

Considering the difference between Rodan and Raven, Rodan took more than a month to start walking even after using Mullerse’s Flower.

When Raven used it, he regained consciousness on the spot and got up and picked up his sword.

It was like his wounds were reversed.

(If you think about it, the flower of Mullerse is a percentage healer, and the grass of life is a fixed value healer.)

If the Grass of Life is a percentage recovery type, then it would have a 100% recovery effect.

That’s too much of a performance jump.

It’s still an E-rank after all. 

I quickly noted my findings in my Grimoire.

(Well, that’s about it.

Then the Grimoire.)

“Killed 1 Goblin.

You have acquired 160 experience points.”

“Killed 1 Goblin.

You have acquired 160 experience points.”

“Killed 1 Goblin.

You have acquired 160 experience points.”

The cover of the Grimoire shows a log of the experience gained from killing three Goblins.

(That’s 80 percent of the experience you get when you kill one alone.)

(Me and three other adventurers who were there.


I re-check the distribution of the experience value.

(I see.

So the experience gained is not based on the total number of people involved in the battle.

If more than one player kills a magical beast, it’s calculated as a certain percentage of the experience points as compared to when it is defeated by one person.)

 In some games, you have to hunt with a large group of people, and if you divide the experience by the number of people, the experience becomes very small, so the experience distributions were sometimes 60% or 80% of what it would have been if the boss had been killed alone.

(Great Boar’s gave me 400 experience points.

And it was defeated by a group of 20-40 people.

It means 400 is some percentage of its actual experience potential.

If I assume it as 60%, the actual experience value would be around 600.

But I don’t think the experience potential of a C-rank Great Boar would only be about 2.5 times that of a Goblin.

So the actual experience value is 1000)  [TN: Experience Potential means the amount of experience one would get if the magical beast is soloed.)

Allen’s estimate of the experience value distribution was:

-If 2-4 people killed a Great Boar, it will give 80% of the experience potential

-If 20 to 40 people a Great Boar, it will give 40% of the experience potential

(Well, that’s about it.)

I record an explanation of the effects of the Grass of Life and the distribution of experience in the Grimoire.

(Okay, that’s enough of that.

The problem is Eagle.

Come out.)

An E-rank Bird appears.

The visibility here is not as bad as in the forest or woods.

Therefore, Allen summoned the Eagle in the sky.

Allen only summons E-rank Tigers during battle or when collecting magical stones.

As much as possible, he doesn’t act with his summons out.

This is to avoid being seen by Adventurers.

Then I ordered the eagle to come down on the ground.

“Why did you ignore my instructions”

When Allen said these words, the Eagle shrunk its body in apology.

“Did you feel sorry for him Did you want to help that adventurer”

The Eagle nodded lightly which left Allen quite speechless, and not just for a moment.

“So you have emotions right”

Then the Eagle nodded his head, listening to what I was talking about.

I didn’t know how much but yes, the summon had emotions and intelligence.

Allen had always thought of summons as something that could only move mechanically only when instructed to do so.

They can only do what they are told to do.

He thought that they were only capable of following orders. 

(I thought they were just something that Summoners could use skillfully based on their status and special skills.)

But that wasn’t the case.

The highly intelligent Eagle prioritized its own emotions over the Summoner’s instructions.

It then led Allen to the wounded and dying adventurer.

The summon had emotion and had also formed a will.

(So this is a Summoned beast created by God)

If God had the power to create humans and the world, it would be easy for him to create Summons with emotion.

“I’m not accusing you of anything, Eagle.”

I stroked the head of the E-rank Bird.

“Well, I’m going to change my instructions next time, so make sure you follow them”.


The E-rank Eagle spread its wings and cried loudly.

Allen interpreted it as Eagle saying ‘Yes’.


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