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Fight Against Goblins

It was my first day off since I confessed to the butler that I was hunting outside the city.

Today, I left the mansion before the sun rose and ran to the gate, where I found the usual gate keeper.

I thanked him for his hard work.

“Boy, are you going out again today”


We made the usual small talk until the 6 o’clock bell rang.

I had been showing him my coat of arms regularly, but the other day he told me that I didn’t have to show it every time I go out.

Since I don’t have to show my coat of arms anymore, I keep it in my Inventory.

It’s not as strict as the train stations and airports in the real world.

“Now let’s go”, I thought as I ran away from the city.

It was the first snowfall of the season, and it was past the middle of December.

The normal clothes I was given were not that thick.

However, it was not that cold for me, who was always running to get around outside the city.

I was getting further and further away from the city.

(Is this distance okay Come on out, Eagles.)

Six E-rank Birds were summoned at once.

Of course, they were summoned to a location a few dozen meters in the air.

With the instruction to go look for the Goblins, they scatter and take off in search of the Goblins.

I killed a few D-rank magical beasts, but the experience of the Goblins was the most efficient.

There are some D-rank magical beasts that provide more experience than Goblins per unit, but the number of them appearing at once is very small.

Whether there are too many Goblins or too few other magical beasts, Goblins are the first to be discovered, which is another good reason to target them.

I’ve become a complete Goblin Slayer.

(I should kill 100 Goblins first, and then kill some horned rabbits to earn some money and collect magic stones.

I need to hunt five horned rabbits.)

While deciding on the quota for each hunt, I waited for the Eagles to return.

The encounter rate with magical beasts is not that high.

If there were no Summons, I’d probably only be able to hunt three of them a day at most. 

Because of his summons’s excellent spotting skills, Allen’s hunting efficiency was much higher.

Then about three hours passed.

Allen was eating dried potatoes and MoMo nuts for lunch.

Since he was running around, it was important to recover his energy.

The MoMo nuts also rehydrated him.

It’s very efficient and delicious.

Then one Eagle stopped on a branch of a tree near Allen.

“Oh, wait a minute.

I’ll finish eating now.”

“Peeeee!” The bird shouted.

(Hmm What is it)

There was something unusual about this particular Eagle.

I looked to the sky.

Three other Eagles had also already found their prey.

But they were flying in the sky without descending to the trees.



The Eagle cried more strongly as if it’s trying to tell me something.

“Hmm Is there something wrong”

This is not normal behavior for Eagles.

Allen put away the dried potatoes he was about to eat.

The Eagle who had been watching, flapped its wings from the branch and slowly headed somewhere.

It looked behind and after confirming that it was being followed, it sped up quickly.

(Oh, that’s really fast.)

The Eagle always had high speed and intelligence.

It’s even faster now that I’ve enhanced it.

I also raised my speed.

(Seriously, that’s quite a distance.

What is it)

We ran for about 15 minutes.

I heard a voice in the distance.

It sounded like someone was shouting.

“Milsy, run!”

“No, I can’t leave you and Raven!”

“Just go!”

(What Are they being attacked)

There was a woman using a dagger fighting a group of Goblins.

And behind her was a man who had fallen injured and a woman who was taking care of him.

From the way they were dressed, they all seemed to be adventurers.

Rita, the dagger wielder, was desperately fighting four Goblins.

Two other Goblins were already dead behind her.

Rita was hit in one arm and couldn’t raise it.

She slumped down; blood dripping down her face.

She was struggling to fight with one arm.

I heard a loud voice saying, “We can’t let them through here.”

Allen took out an iron ball from his Inventory and threw it with all his might.

(This wasn’t how I expected my first throw with an iron ball to be.)

The ball went straight into Goblin’s head.

Its face was smashed.

I crushed the face of one of the Goblins.

The Goblin’s knees hit the ground as the iron ball smashes into its face.

“I’ll cover you!” I said to Rita.

“What Who”

“Hey, turn around, we’re in a fight.”

I threw another iron ball, which hit the second Goblin in the face, causing it to stumble.

“My iron ball won’t kill it.

Be careful!”

“Okay, okay, …”

The sudden appearance of reinforcements surprised her, but Allen didn’t care and threw the last iron ball.

Since Allen killed two Goblins so shortly, the third Goblin was wary of him.

The Goblin used his arm to block the flying iron ball, but his arm shattered.

However, it seems to have more strength than the other two Goblins who were hit in the face.

The Goblin clutched the club with the other hand.

(There are only two Goblins left that can move.)

I draw my dagger and leap forward.

I can’t summon anything in front of people.

I have already turned my summons into cards.

“I’ll take down the unharmed one! Take care of the one-armed one!”


He entered a close battle with a Goblin with a rusty, battered dagger; when he had defeated the D-ranked Albaheron, he had made the F-rank Insect to use its special skill Suction and had won by stealing its power.

But this time, he didn’t summon anything.

The battle began without Allen using any special skills.

I avoided all of the Goblin’s large strikes.

I didn’t use my dagger to parry attacks.

If I take a hit with my dagger, the blade might be damaged.

So, I don’t wear out my weapon necessarily.

Allen was already Level 12, and had about 300 Attack Power and Agility.

He approached and slashed the neck of the Goblin in an instant.

He retreated even before the fresh blood erupted.

It was an overwhelming victory.

The reason why I usually let summoned beasts defeat magical beasts is because they stain my precious everyday clothes.

I’ve fought without getting my clothes dirty so far.

The Goblin collapsed it’s knees.

I look at Rita, the female adventurer with the dagger.

She was about to kill the other Goblin.

It seems that she wouldn’t be defeated by a wounded Goblin.

The two Goblins who had been hit in the face with iron balls were also stopped.



I have met the heavily injured adventurer named Raven before in the Adventurer’s Guild.

His companions desperately tried to call out to him, but he only groaned faintly.

He looked like he was about to die.

Allen moved closer.

A dark-haired boy, no more than ten years old, appeared out of nowhere and helped the adventurers to defeat Goblins.

(Hmm, the one called Milsy seems to be a healer, but has she run out of mana I’ll have to use the Grass of Life.)

“Excuse me, I have some medicinal herbs.

Do you want to use it”

“Ho, really!”

Both of their expressions suddenly changed.

“I’ll pay whatever you want, just help Raven!”

Not very polite, but I don’t care about that.

Pretending to take it out of my back, I took out the Grass of Life from my Inventory, Grimoire.

(Oh no, I’m dealing with such a dying person to test the effect for the first time.)

I haven’t tested it yet, but from the name, I’m assuming it’s a restorative herb.

I grab a leaf that is very large and bring it close to Raven.

I don’t know how to use it, but I applied it to his heavily wounded stomach.

The two friends look at Raven’s empty face with concern.

And they look at me with hope.

(Hey, don’t look at me so expectantly.

I don’t know how much this will heal, and I don’t know if it’s even a recovery potion.)

The Grass of Life touches the adventurer’s body.

The leaf that touched the wound glowed and disappeared like a bubble.

Then, Raven’s stomach, whose internal organs were almost visible, healed at a great speed.

It was hard to tell with all the blood on his stomach, but it seemed to have completely healed.

Raven regains consciousness and slowly opens his eyes.

He rubs his belly and checks the wound.


Raven was astonished to see his wounds healed.

Rita and Milsy, Raven’s friends, also shout in surprise.


Raven couldn’t understand how he was okay.

He asks Milsy, who is holding a cane, if he healed her but Milsy shakes her head.

“I am glad you are safe.

Umm…, Rita, right Let me heal your arm as well.”

I took out the Grass of Life once again and touched her injured and bleeding arm. 

The three adventurers were watching me.

The wound was disappearing at an incredible rate.

It’s as if time is rewinding.

It healed quickly and completely.

She raised her arm, which had lost its strength due to broken bones, to her chest and clutched the palm of her hand again and again in surprise.

“‘Mullerse flower!!!”

The three of them all mentioned the name of the herb that had saved Rodin’s life.

They must’ve thought that the Grass of Life was a Mullerse flower.


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