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A bloodied Dogora was blown away.

I immediately used a [Blessing of Heaven] to heal the motionless Dogora and ran towards him.


Get up! Dogora!"

I looked at Dogora's stomach.

The wound on his stomach had been completely healed by [Blessing of Heaven], but he didn't regain his consciousness.


I touched my neck, but I couldn't feel his pulse.

He wasn't even breathing.

"Kiel, use [God Drop]!"


Kiel rushed over and put his hand on Dogora's chest.

Then, with his eyes closed and his mind focused as if in prayer, Kiel's body slowly began to glow like a shimmer.

"You've got to succeed!"

(You can't fail at a time like this.)

With that, I turned my back on Dogora and faced Demon General Razel.

For the sake of my friends who couldn't move, I was determined to defend that place to my death.

"Oh, to have one heart crushed by a little fish like that..."

Demon General Razel had lost two of his hands and 1 of his 3 hearts because of Dogora's attack.

He stood up, though he was bleeding profusely.

"Kurena, we're attacking!"

Helmios called out to Kurena, saying it was our chance to defeat him together.

"Yeah! Okay!"

Kurena was also worried about Dogora, but she didn't run over but pointed her greatsword at Demon General Razel.

Demon General Razel, who had lost two hearts and two arms, was somewhat weakened, but he still seemed to be able to fight.

Kurena and Helmios, my summons, Cecile's Magic, and Formar's arrows were attacking Demon General Razel from all sides but he fought them all off.

We couldn't deal a decisive attack like Dogora.

Demon General Razel continued to defend against Helmios' attacks and ignored others since he was the only one with over 10,000 [Attack].

In the midst of all that, the cut that Dogora had made started to heal and Demon General Razel's lost arm began to regenerate.

(If we let this continue, we will be back to square one.)

Against the overwhelmingly powerful Demon General Razel, I desperately thought of a way to break through.

"Oh, please! Great Spirit, please come out!"

In the meantime, Sophie was also desperately pleading to Great Spirits.

In that situation, a Great Spirit, which was more powerful than a Commander summon, could change everything.

In the midst of the crisis, Sophie kept trying to activate her Extra Skill, [Great Spirit Manifestation].

"Sophie, that's enough.

Take Kiel's place instead."

I tried to ask Sophie to take Kiel's role as the healer of the party rather than trying to use [Great Spirit Manifestation], which she couldn't do.

That was because Kiel was using his Extra Skill [God's Drop] on Dogora at that moment.

That was when it happened.

"And there it is! Oh, thank you so much!"

With the sensation of losing all her [Mana], joy leaked from Sophie's face.

"Did you manage to summon a Great Spirit"

"Yes, yes.

What Who is this"

Sophie asked, confused.

She had summoned a Great Spirit I had never seen before.

The mass of light gradually took shape.

It was smaller than any of the Great Spirits that Sophie had ever summoned.

It was like a small animal.

It looked like a Flying squirrel.

"Oh, I guess I'll have to try.


"Oh, you're...

Spirit King"

"Yes, descendant of the Prayer Maiden.

What do you want"

"Nonsense! Spirit King, you can't participate in this war! You are breaking the laws of this world!"

Demon General Razel criticized the manifestation of the Spirit King, saying he couldn't accept it while fighting Helmios and Kurena.

"What are you talking about Aren't you Demon Generals the ones who broke the Divine Truth and violated the rules set by Divine Realm first I'm glad I held back from becoming a Spirit God, because with the current power of this descendant, it might have been tough to manifest as a Spirit God.


(He was holding back from becoming a Spirit God in order to help us)

It meant that he had remained on the Queen's lap for more than 20 days without becoming a Spirit God lying on his back.

"Give us strength! Give us the strength to defeat him and save our people."

"Well, I heard you.

I, the Spirit King Rosen, will be using the Spirit King's Blessing.


After saying that much, the Spirit King Rosen, floating in midair, began to make cute little movements, waving his buttocks.

Then, countless bubbles of light fell from the sky, fluffing up like snow.

Everyone touched by the bubble of light, including Helmios, began to glow.

"It's amazing.

I feel so empowered!"

Cecile was the first to notice the changes in her body.

(Everyone's status has increased by 30%.)

I checked everyone's status in the Grimoire and noticed that everyone's status had increased by 30%.

Kurena and Helmios continued to engage with Demon General Razel with their status elevated.

"Rosen! You're thwarting our dreams again!"

"Of course.

If you try to stain the World Tree with blood, I will appear before you again and again.


Rosen, the Spirit King, had fought against the Dark Elves while supporting the Elves, the Prayer Maiden, when he was an infant.

Demon General Razel fought with Kurena and Helmios while glaring at the Spirit King.

Everyone's strength increased, including Kurena and Helmios.


If I give too much advice to Allen, Lord Elmea is going to get mad at me..."

"No, he won't know about it at all.

I'll keep my mouth shut, so please advise me."

"Again, you can't be sure.

Well, I'll tell you just one thing.

My blessing will reduce the cool time to zero for one time.


That's all he said but I understood.

"Everyone! You can use your Extra Skill again!"

"Oh, that's true! This time!"

Kurena's body glowed like a shimmer.

Once you use an Extra Skill, you can't use it for a day, so timing is important.

However, when Kurena heard that she could use it again, she immediately used it.

It seemed that she really wanted to use her skills while her Extra Skill [Limit Break] was active.

"Gu! Why can't I do it"

Kurena, even while her Extra Mode was active, was still outclassed by Demon General Razel in all of her status.

She desperately tried to use her skills even though she was blown away time and again.

Kurena knew how important it was for her to be able to use her skills while her Extra Skill was active then.

In the meantime, I called out to Kiel.

"How's it going, Kiel Could you save him"

"No, I couldn't."

Kiel said regretfully.

Dogora looked as if he was asleep.

"Thanks to the Spirit King's Blessing, you should be able to use you [God Drop] once more, so make sure you save him this time."

"Yeah, I will save him for sure this time."

Having said that, I turned my back on Dogora and Kiel, and continued to fill in for the absence of Kiel, the healer.

Sophie alone couldn't use Recovery Magic enough to deal with Demon General Razel.


Spirit King Rosen called out to the impatient Kurena from behind.


"Trust the voices of your friends.

What Allen is saying I'm not lying.


(You can give advice to everyone but me, right But this helps.)

"Kurena! You can definitely use your skills!"

I did my best to shout that Kurena could use her skills.

"Uh-huh Huh All right!"

(Extra Skill allows someone to enter Extra Mode for a fixed interval of time.

There is no reason why you can't use Normal Mode skills while in Extra Mode.)

I knew this because of what Demon General Razel told me about Extra Skill and Extra Mode.

Believing my words, Kurena desperately swung her greatsword.

"What the hell are you doing You stupidQ"

Demon General Razel was clearly annoyed with Kurena, who was trying to test something after listening to Spirit King Rosen's and my advice.


Kurena shouts out the name of her skill and continued to wield her greatsword.

(Now that the Spirit King has come out, Demon General's attacks have become somewhat sloppy, right)

I didn't know if it was because of something related to Spirit King Rosen or if Demon General Razel was getting tired, but his attacks were losing their precision.

(Kurena doesn't have much time left.)

"Kurena! What the hell are you doing! Even that Dogora could've used the Extra Skill!"

I encouraged her, saying that Dogora could do so, so why not her

"I can use it.

I can use it! [Thunder Sword]!"

Allen's words were all Kurena could hear.

"I don't understand!"

When Demon General Razel had said that much, what happened a little earlier came to his mind.

He had just lost two hands and a heart to a human child that he thought was a small fish.

Looking at Kurena again, Demon General Razel felt a chill.

A buzzing thunder resided in Kurena's greatsword.

"I can use it! [Thunder Sword]!"


Demon General Razel received Kurena's attack and it was the first time he took damage from her attack.

Then he twisted his face in pain.

(Oh, the attacks are finally starting to come through.)

The combination of the Spirit King's Blessing, the Extra Skill's status increase and using her own skill finally allowed Kurena to surpass Demon General Razel's [Endurance].

(Oh! We are finally starting to deal some damage.

Don't run out of Extra Skill yet.)


Demon General lost another right arm, because of a coordinated move between Helmios and Kurena.

It seemed that Dogora's Extra Skill, [Body and Soul] which crushed Demon General's two arms and a heart, was more powerful than Helmios and Kurena's skills.

"Yes, I did it!"

"Don't look away, Kurena.

I will finish it with one blow."

Kurena wasn't the only one who could use her Extra Skill again.

Helmios could also use his Extra Skill [Phoenix Sword] once again.

Demon General Razel finally began to feel fear.

"I gave up everything to become a Demon General.

I cannot be defeated here."

After saying that much, he spread his huge wings and took off into the sky, as if to bounce off the oncoming Kurena and Helmios.

He was moving further and further away from the temple towards the sky above the city.

(What You're running away Seriously.)

My thoughts were short-lived.

Even higher than the clouds, and further away from the temple, Demon General Razel raised his three remaining left arms to the sky.

Then, what looked like a giant ball of darkness began to form.

He seems to be trying to blow it up with some powerful magic.

(What's this That's a hell of a lot of power.

It was his last attack.

Can this be reflected No, it's more like hmmm...)

It probably contained enough [Mana] to reduce the temple to ashes.

I felt it was too powerful that even Commander Mirror wouldn't be able to reflect it back.

But that was not the point.

I found that situation to be a lot more favorable than threatening.

"Cecile, can you drop a [Small Meteorite] on Demon General Razel"

"What What are you talking about Fortenia will be destroyed."

Cecile was hesitant to use her Extra Skill [Small Meteorite] inside the temple.

"I got the permission to destroy Fortenia.

Besides, with all that magic offsetting it, it probably won't be destroyed that much."

(I didn't know though.)

Cecile said, "All right," and concentrated on her [Mana].

"[Small Meteorite]!"

A lump of burnt red rock, as big as the huge jet-black magic ball, fell on Demon General Razel with tremendous force.

(Oh! [Small Meteorite] is bigger thanks to the Spirit King's blessing!)

"Ridiculous! I can't believe you are using this kind of magic in a place like this."

Demon General Razel tried to defeat us by attacking from a distance with a powerful magic attack but he hadn't expected us to be capable of doing so.

He went rigid, trying to cancel out the huge chunk of rock with the jet-black magic ball he created.

"Well, Helmios.

The target has stopped moving, so please take care of it."

Desperately trying to cancel out Cecile's [Small Meteorite] with his own magic, Demon General Razel was unable to move from his spot."

"That's just like you, Allen."

Helmios carried his sword and prepared to throw it.

Then, Helmios' body began to glow like a shimmer.

"[Phoenix Sword]!"

Helmios threw his Orichcalcum sword as hard as he could.

"What My HEART!!!"

The sword seemed to be sucked into Demon General Razel and it pierced his last heart.

Demon General Razel fell down after losing his last heart.

Two things fell on him: his own magic, which went in a rigid state due to the loss of mana supplied, and Cecile's Extra Skill, [Small Meteorite].

Demon General Razel fell to the ground, collapsing part of Fortenia.


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